Is object-based surround sound ushering in another DVD-Audio vs. Blu-ray format war where the ultimate losers are home theatre consumers? Perhaps.

During an impromptu panel discussion organised by CE Pro at the recent Pacific Northwest Consumer Electronics Expo (PNWCEE) in Seattle, Brian Sandifer, product manager at Integra; Rob Sample, western regional manager, Paradigm Electronics; and Brandon Cook, director of technical services at AudioControl, discussed the impact of having different object-based surround sound formats on the market, whether Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D or DTS:X.

According to Rob, the ultimate solution would be for the movie studios to enable a Blu-ray to play all three formats, but he doesn’t think that will happen, which means it will be ‘DVD-Audio and Blu-ray all over again’.

Brandon notes that the consumer doesn’t really care which format it is. They just want to get the experience when they hit play on a Blu-ray.

Check out the lively discussion and share your thoughts.

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