Whether your next project is a theatre, hotel, home cinema or office, finding the right partner in the industry to help identify the perfect lighting solution for each room you are wiring, managing or creating is essential.

LEDVANCE, a global lighting business with over 110 years’ experience in the lighting industry, is that partner, offering specifiers, designers, and architects innovative and energy efficient lighting products backed by exceptional service and expertise.

The LEDVANCE product range includes traditional lighting, modern LED lamps and standardised over-the-counter luminaires. Additionally, we offer connected smart lighting solutions to deliver even higher cost savings.

Radisson Blu Hotel

One recent lighting project we undertook was in the “Modern Serenity” and “Classic Monochrome” suites at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt, forming part of a sophisticated interior design concept – the indirect cove lighting highlights the homely atmosphere, LED Spots place the focus on the high-quality interiors, while Vintage 1906 lamps set design accents.

The lighting integrates very harmoniously into the interior design, since both lamps and luminaires as well as the light itself are used as design elements. While designer luminaires in the living and sleeping areas of the suites complement the high-quality interior design, Globe lamps from the LED Vintage 1906 Edition cast stylish light accents in the bathroom – installed as mirror lighting, and the LED filament lamps with PenduLum Pro base are a real retro eye-catcher. LED spotlights in the entrance area, bathroom, and kitchenette provide warm white accent lighting, effectively drawing attention to the modern interior.

LEDVANCE – a team of experts

At LEDVANCE we look at things from a whole new perspective and as a team of experts assembled from diverse disciplines, we’re contributing fresh ideas and smart solutions to a modern, interconnected world. Light isn’t just our core business – it’s our vision.

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