Perlisten Audio introduces the first in-wall speaker to achieve Dominus specification for the largest private theatre projects. See them on the Karma AV Stand (102) at EI Live! 2022.

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PERLISTEN Audio and Karma-AV are delighted to announce the availability of the world’s first THX Certified Dominus in-wall speakers to UK home theatre designers. The new models, available this Autumn, utilise the same advanced technologies that have propelled the company’s Hi-Fi speakers to global recognition.

The flagship S7i LR, which measures just under a metre in length and only 4in deep, is a 4-way system comprising four 7in woofers and PERLISTEN’s patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguided array of 28mm tweeter and twin 28mm midrange drivers. By utilising passive ‘beamforming’, the proprietary waveguide is designed to achieve the precise vertical and horizontal dispersion of the beryllium tweeter – with expanded bandwidth to 40kHz – and the twin midrange transducers. All three DPC drivers are housed within a dedicated rear absorption chamber to minimise internal reflections. The S7i LR’s fully sealed S-series cabinet is of aluminium and similarly damped with a bituminous layer to ensure a consistent frequency response with no enclosure resonances or sound leakage in any installation.

THX Certified Dominus demands more than double the output levels of the well-known THX Certified Ultra specification, so the tweeter and dual midranges that comprise the DPC share the same high-power motor technology, utilising oversized Neodymium motors, shorting rings for low inductance, flux stabilization with low distortion, and Ferrofluid for power handling. The S7i LR’s four 7in woofers recreate the dynamic range needed for huge transients while remaining under control.

“THX is an important partner for our company. We were the first to introduce a THX Certified Dominus product, and I’m proud that our team can present yet another first with our new S Series in-wall designs,” says Dan Roemer, chief executive officer, PERLISTEN Audio. “It marks the first time a manufacturer has been able to achieve this specification in an in-wall model, created for the largest private theatres.”

Dominus is the newest and the largest performance class of THX certification, meant to bridge the gap between large home theatre speakers and those used in commercial movie theatres and exhibits. Home theatre owners with rooms up to 184 cubic metres and up to a 6-metre viewing distance can fill their listening rooms with the superior audio quality they expect from THX Certified products.

“PERLISTEN Audio is committed to the custom integration channel,” adds Dan. “The in-wall models are created to give installation professionals high performance for their largest projects from demonstrably improved in-wall speakers.” 

The S7i-LR will be joined by S7i-C, S5i-LR, S5i-C, and S4i-LCRS surround models in Q4 to allow Karma-AV’s integrators the opportunity to install complete architectural THX Certified Dominus home theatre speaker systems.

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