Fresh from a successful ISE 2020 promoting the benefits of Totem’s unique approach to speaker design, the Redline team says they are thrilled with the response to what this brand has to offer now and into the future.

Since a fairly soft launch last year at EI Live!, ISE 2020 was the first real chance the distributor had to underline the quality of Totem to a trade show audience. This year’s ISE had the bonus that Totem founder and creator of the products, Vince Bruzzese, was on-hand to guide visitors around the range.

One of the product lines taking centre stage was Totem’s recently launched Solution Bars, part of the brand’s Tribe series. The products have been created to offer an aesthetic and precise partner for today’s large screen TVs for viewing and game play, as well as offering strong audio-only performance.

Off-board amplification of these passive designs means that the products can deliver higher audio performance than with built-in amplification, offering the large soundstage and accurate phase coherency that Totem is known for. An average efficiency of 90dB and a 6ohm load make the Solutions Bars easy to drive for a wide choice of systems.

The range has two models; the Tribe Duo Solution Bar, a two-channel design in a sealed cabinet, while the Tribe Trio Solution Bar is a three-channel LCR in a ported enclosure.

On demo at ISE was the Tribe Duo Solution Bar, which packs a real punch via the long-throw 4in woofers, which both models feature. Both models can work with TVs of 65in and larger and offer a low-profile design and flush mount non-resonant wall bracket.

Should installers need to place either product on furniture or a mantle, adhesive backed sound isolation feet are provided. Both speakers have closely grouped inputs and wire channel management for a clean, simple connection and are available in white and black satin finishes.

A commitment to quality

Speaking at the show, Vince commented, “These products really punch above their weight, they are very versatile and the reaction so far has been really positive. Their real-world in-room performance is even better, never fatiguing with very wide dispersion. We don’t beam like other speakers; the centre is full and completely present. The Trio delivers an even fuller sound than the Duo, they are both real speakers, not a solution to fit a given use case scenario. Yes, they are soundbars, but they are high-quality speakers before anything else.”

Vince added, “Immersive sound technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS: X are great, and we can definitely help installers deliver those types of projects, but it is also worth considering sometimes that less really is more. Consider a high-quality soundbar or 2.1 system where appropriate, choose less speakers, but better ones for the budget and often you deliver a better result for the customer. We did a demo at the CEDIA show and people said, ‘hey what a great Atmos Demo!’ It was 2.1, just shows you what really good quality speakers can deliver.”

The show was also a chance to get dealers in-front of the Totem Custom Install family which offers Kin architectural in-ceiling speakers, Kin in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, Kin surface mount speakers, Kin in-room subwoofers, Tribe in-wall subs, Tribe in-wall speakers, Tribe on-wall speakers and Tribe on-wall subs.

Totem argues that although its not on its own having a well-rounded range of CI speakers, what makes Totem different is how the products are made and the principles behind how the Totem sound is delivered.

Vince explained, “Our install range takes the same principles we apply to the rest of our products and offers this approach to the world of immersive audio and multi-room systems. The way we make our products is ideal for this market – we have been making wide dispersion products from very compact enclosures for decades, we are experts at it. The rest of the market is still trying to play catch-up in terms of getting the quality we can get from a CI speaker.”

One product highlighted at ISE from the install range was the Kin IC Slim. Vince explained, “This product is an evolution from the Kin IC which is a no holds barred in-ceiling speaker with loads of dynamics but really smooth sound, which can cope very well with larger rooms.

“The newer IC Slim is a similar product and benefits from our specially created ceramic tweeter. The voicing is really nice on these, just play some cool music on them and you will hear the quality and so will your customers.

“Yes, it’s true that some of our speakers might be a little more than others in terms of price point, but this is because we invest heavily in quality. You will hear that when listening to our speakers, it’s clear we have worked long and hard to get them right.

“We work two to three years on every design ensuring it meets with our own approval before it ever comes to market. Not just another speaker brand in a market where often OK is considered good enough, we are different, and take a unique approach.”   

Vince also revealed at the show that on the way are a new wireless sub and a powered Kin Play Soundbar priced at around 1K – it’s that good, you won’t need a sub promise Totem.

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