Sweet Streams From The LUXMAN NT-07

LUXMAN is set to launch the Network Transport NT-07 in the Spring of 2024.

The NT-07 is LUXMAN’s first network transport/streamer product that enables satisfying playback of various digital sound sources transmitted over networks in a sophisticated operating environment.

The latest LUXMAN digital players and D/A converters offer USB audio terminals that support digital input, allowing users to design an

audio environment connected to a Windows PC or Mac over a single, high-quality USB audio cable, such as our JPU-150. However,

in systems where general-purpose PCs are running audio applications, the maker says it understands that some users are struggling to solve many issues, such as noise and operability problems caused by the PC connection, as well as visual affinity when integrating into an existing system. The NT-07 is equipped with a powerful audio signal processing module based on the latest generation of application processors, a thorough, audio focused noise suppression system, a dedicated control app compatible with smartphones and tablets, infrared remote control and a slender, full-size chassis that can integrate into any existing system. The maker says this upgrade can realise a whole new world of listening enjoyment, configurable to suit the listener’s tastes.

Sound sources can be selected from files stored on UPnP (Open Home) compatible network storage (NAS) or the latest music

streaming service (Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, TuneIn) etc. The system supports sampling frequencies of up to 768kHz/32bit PCM and

22.4 MHz DSD.

In addition to the network, HDMI input/output is also available. The HDMI system (ARC) also supports the input of video sources

from TV, using the ARC function, as well as through-output to the TV/display, enabling audio signals from various video sources to

be reproduced in a two-channel audio environment.

The NT-07 can very simply upgrade an existing audio system to an advanced network audio environment. As LUXMAN celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2025, the maker proposes the NT-07 to all audio enthusiasts as a component that allows them to enjoy music with more depth and variety than ever before, using not only LUXMAN D/A converters, but also the many digital playback environments currently available.

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