Swann has launched the new AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kits in the UK, adding to its award-winning product line-up of smart home and business security solutions.

The launch of Swann’s first Wi-Fi NVR camera systems with 100% wire-free long-life rechargeable battery cameras, represents a revolution in adaptable yet simple security monitoring and recording, providing seamless 24/7 security, says the company.

The AllSecure650 Security Kit contains up to four wire-free cameras with secure mounts, blending the reliability of a wired setup and ease of wireless, setting up in minutes not hours, to make for the a strong hybrid CCTV system.

It also comes with a powerful Wi-Fi NVR Power Hub, which can store up to two years of footage to its local 1TB hard drive and backup clips to the cloud. There’s a charging bay at the rear of the power hub for easy recharging and a spare battery is included so that users can always have a charged battery ready to swap in and out. So there’s never any security down time while waiting for a camera to charge.

Not only that, but the spare battery in the Power Hub can act as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) providing an additional 5 hours of power to the hub in the event of a power outage. The Power Hub also stitches video activity clips together for fast and easy playback.


HD Video and motion detectors for extra clarity and confidence

Swann continues to provide security cameras with high-definition video quality as shown with the AllSecure650 wire-free cameras. The wire-free camera features include 105° wide viewing angle with 2K Quad HD resolution, True Detect heat and motion detection, sensor spotlights & sirens, person detection, two-way audio, loud sirens, and powerful night vision up to 30m and Night2Day colour night vision up to 10m. IP66 weatherproof design rating on the cameras also makes the kit a durable option for users looking for a flexible in/out home security package all year round.

The Swann Security app sends smart notifications to users’ smartphones when True Detect senses heat from large objects like people and cars, for more reliable monitoring and fewer false alarms. The app features a digital zoom, allowing users to see footage such as number plates and faces in more clarity.

Accessible and connected playback for all users

The 650 Security Kit cameras are SwannNet enabled to ensure the strongest available Wi-Fi connection for each camera from the Wi-Fi NVR or internet router. Users can watch live or playback video on their smartphone, from anywhere in the world with the Swann Security App.

Swann users can also view any of the cameras on their smart TV and speak to see hands-free via Hey Google and Alexa devices. For users looking for an offline option, footage is also accessible locally on TV or monitor via HDMI cable and can record video without the need for the internet. The AllSecure650 system is a perfect addition to your existing Swann devices making your perfect security ecosystem even better.

“We’re extremely proud to launch the AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit, a revolutionary step in seamless, reliable, 24/7 security,” says Mike Lucas, CEO of Swann Security. “By blending the technologies of the secure NVR security systems with the convenience of our Wi-Fi systems, this makes the AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit a fantastic option for users looking for peace of mind, security with a camera that delivers smart features and a reliable and seamless security set up for their home.”

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