SunBrite Full-Shade Outdoor 4K TV From SnapOne

The maker says industry-leading features give integrators an ideal UHD solution for gardens, restaurants and outdoor digital signage projects.

Snap One has announced the launch of the new SunBrite Veranda 3 line of full-shade outdoor LED TVs that bring the full quality and features of indoor TVs to the outdoors.

Offering 4K UHD resolution, 1,000-nit brightness, Wi-Fi, dual 10W speakers, quantum dot technology, a native 120Hz refresh rate, IP55 protection against the elements, a weatherproof remote and Android TV smart platform, Veranda 3 TVs are described as a superior solution for covered garden porches, outdoor restaurant seating areas and any other shaded outdoor location.

“The Veranda 3 line combines all of the best technologies and latest features to deliver a premium outdoor TV viewing experience that lives up to users’ expectations from indoor TVs,” says Rob Brunett, SunBrite Product Manager at Snap One. “With Veranda 3 TVs, it’s now possible to install standalone outdoor displays that don’t require a hardwired internet connection or any other equipment to function, thanks to the onboard software and apps. The new line’s features, simplicity and ability to stand alone or integrate into entertainment and control systems make it a key tool for every integrator’s arsenal.”

SunBrite leveraged several innovations to make Veranda 3 a class-leading lineup, including quantum qot technology that generates 1 billion colours, 72 local dimming zones to improve contrast, Google assistant voice control and Google Chromecast integration that enables simple streaming from mobile devices. To ensure the displays deliver cinema-grade experiences for every piece of content and every source, each Veranda 3 model supports Dolby Vision HDR picture, Dolby Atmos sound, and is IMAX Enhanced-certified.

Thanks to the rear-facing IR receiver/emitter and availability of IP control, installers can also integrate Veranda 3 TVs into control systems and other media distribution solutions.

The TV remote can then become a control system device, offering Google Assistant voice control of countless connected devices through its on-board microphone. An audio-out port provides connection to entertainment systems and external speakers, while the SunBrite soundbar can be easily added and mounted to the TV to provide superior audio with no additional cabling or components.

“We designed the Veranda 3 line to give integrators and end users a simple way to bring incredible color, contrast and overall picture quality to their outdoor spaces, knowing that many of these units may be integrated with control systems and media distribution solutions,” Rob adds. “Whether a family wants to add an outdoor TV to watch streaming movies or a retail store wants to run outdoor ads during the day in a shaded location, Veranda 3 is the optimal choice.”

Cable hookups are easy with SunBrite’s weatherproof cable entry system, which features thick gaskets that form a compression seal around cables entering the media bay door. The included media bay can accommodate many types of media players and baluns and offers a USB 3.0 power port (5V/3.5A or 12V/3A) that eliminates the need for additional external cords.

Weather protection is SunBrite’s bread and butter, and the IP55-rated display and IP56-rated remote provide complete protection from rain, snow, dust, dirt, humidity, salt air and insects. SunBrite’s outdoor-rated mounting options include fixed, tilt, and articulating styles, along with deck poles and ceiling mounts. The mounts are powder coated to provide excellent resilience to the elements, and also premium dust covers are available to keep the TV clean all year long.

Veranda 3 TVs are available in the $2,899 55in and $3,649 65in with the 75in coming Q3 2022.

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