The addition to the Enado family is trailed as a compact, IP control solution for AV devices that offers all the power of Enado, but at a keener price.

Based on the same hardware as the WyreStorm NetworkHD Controller, Enado Mini is a small form factor IP-only control system that WyreStorm says is easily installed in any location.

The product is basically a small computer system housing the full Enado software suite that acts as a web server user interface for control of a wide range of devices with Ethernet connectivity by any device with a web browser. 

As with Enado, the IP controller can sit anywhere on the network and control any IP device on the network with the web server-based control software eliminating the need for Apps, PC software, windows drivers or control device configuration.

There are also no additional costs for Apps upgrades, updates or licenses, whilst delivering an App-like installer/user experience with systems configured and controlled from anywhere in the world with a web-capable device.

WyreStorm claims that it’s so easy to configure a new control device such as a smartphone or tablet with Enado, the user need only scan a QR code and bookmark the link.

Although it offers a similar feature set to the 1U Enado controller (excluding including POE), Enado Mini keeps its costs down by removing IR, RS232 and relay/cc connectivity.

However, it can connect to these outputs using iTach and Flex devices from Global Cache

Enado Mini offers IP control of both NetworkHD JPEG2000 and new NetworkHD-PRO H.264 HD over IP systems as well as any connected WyreStorm matrix switchers, AV Receivers, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, media players as well as games consoles and a growing number of Smart TVs, all over IP with no additional hardware required.

Enado Mini also offers compatibility with the Enado online code library and custom control templates for these connected devices, with WyreStorm project examples and popular device templates built-in for unlimited control of all WyreStorm distribution devices over IP.

All other sources can be controlled with Global Cache.

More on WyreStorm Enado Here



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