Connection and control specialist, WyreStorm has launched two new problem solvers with a 2K HDBaseT Extender Solution and a receiver kit based around the recently launched H2 matrix family.

First up the maker offers its value-focused 2k HDBaseT extender solution with IR control and CEC pass-through, the EX-70-G2. The product is a HDBaseT extender offering HDMI point-to-point extension with CEC support, but at a price that the maker says will surprise, UK MSRP £225.

With reliability, cost-efficiency and ease of install foremost in mind, the EX-70-G2 extender offers HDBaseT Class B to deliver transmissions of 1080p/60Hz 48bit colour video along with multichannel audio, bidirectional IR control and power up to 70m/230ft along a single Cat5e cable.

Looking to build-in flexibility and convenience, the EX-70-G2 supports two-way PoH enabling TX or RX to be remotely powered from either location depending on the needs of the application. This should have the effect of simplifying installation, but also reducing layers of connectivity and potential points of failure.

CEC support allows communication between devices for one-touch on/off commands and bidirectional IR enables both source and display to be controlled from either end, with connection to third party IR/control products possible by connecting a WyreStorm IR link cable.

The EX-70-G2 also features auto EQ, auto EDID management and can also support 4K UHD/60Hz to 35m/115ft, all within a compact 15mm chassis for installation behind flush-mounted screens.

Key features:

  • Low-cost HDBaseT Class B extender
  • Extends 1080p/60Hz 48bit to 70m/230ft
  • Plug and play easy to install
  • 2-way PoH offers flexible installation options
  • Auto EQ and Auto EDID Management
  • Bidirectional IR pass-through
  • Supports CEC communication between devices
  • Low-profile 15mm chassis allows for installation behind flush-mounted screens
  • Connects to third party control products via WyreStorm IR Link cable

Let’s go H2A

 The H2A Series builds on the success of the WyreStorm H2 matrix platform and the 4×4 matrix with 4x PoH receiver kit models with the MX-0404-HDBT-H2A-KIT getting an audio upgrade in addition to its 4K distribution, making it a one-package AV solution for signal management throughout the home.

The 4-way HDBaseT matrix switcher transmits 4K HDR 10-bit video with HDCP 2.2, multichannel audio up to DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, bidirectional IR and RS232 control up to 35m/115ft or to 70m/230ft for 1080p/60Hz. Uncompressed transmissions are delivered to the included 4x low profile PoH receivers, eliminating the need for local power supplies at display locations.

New to the KIT Series, the H2A let’s installers do more with audio by offering internal audio switching, giving the option to de-embed audio directly from the HDBaseT outputs or from the HDMI sources themselves. Used in conjunction with the EXP-CON-DAC-D, the H2A can also offer a simple solution to downmix 5.1 content if using a mixture of stereo and surround sound zones.

The H2A-KIT also offers 4x S/PDIF digital and 4x stereo RCA audio outputs, it means audio can be sent to a 5.1 AV receiver or a stereo multi-zone audio system depending on the source content that is selected. And all switching can be done on the fly via the API, control system or WebUI.

A single mirrored HDMI output allows a local AVR or screen to be connected or it can even be used to feed an additional remote display via a WyreStorm H2 extender.

As with all models in the H2 matrix family, the H2A-KIT includes WyreStorm’s QuickSync technology for instant switching. Also, addressing the increase in mixed resolutions devices in installations, the SmartEDID feature removes conflicts when combining 1080p and 4K screens by dynamically reacting to changes in source routing to output the highest resolution possible to be compatible with all displays.

When it comes to control, the H2A offers CEC triggering of connected screens featured in addition to front panel buttons, bidirectional IR and RS232 supporting WyreStorm Enado and other major third party control systems and an embedded Web UI enables setup, configuration and matrix switching all within a simple interface accessible from a computer or laptop.

WyreStorm says for plug-and-play distribution of the latest 4K and 2K content in any small to medium size home or business, the MX-0404-HDBT-H2A-KIT offers a combination of value, flexibility and reliability that is hard to beat.

The MX-0404-HDBT-H2A-KIT opens up new possibilities

Key features:

  • 4×4 HDBaseT Matrix with PoH supporting 4K UHD sources & HDCP 2.2
  • Complete kit includes 4x Class B HDBaseT PoH receivers for quicker, easier and more reliable installation
  • Supports transmission of the latest 10-bit HDR content to 35m/115ft over Cat6 cable or 1080p/60Hz to 70m/230ft
  • Internal audio switching allows de-embedded audio from sources or HDBaseT output
  • Can be combined with WyreStorm EXP-CON-DAC-D to downmix 5.1 content if mixing stereo and surround sound zones
  • Mirrored HDMI output allows connection of a local AVR, local screen or additional display over distance via an HDBaseT extender
  • SmartEDID™ removes conflict when mixing 1080p & 4K displays
  • QuickSync™ instant switching between sources
  • Matrix switching control via IR, front panel, RS-232, IP Telnet or WebUI
  • CEC triggering of connected screens
  • Bidirectional IR pass-through for source and sink control
  • Control drivers available for Crestron, AMX, RTI, Control4 and Elan
  • Embedded WebUI allows setup and configuration and provides switching interface


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