Before we get to the stage of Alexa being built into the walls of prefabricated homes, we currently have to make do with in-wall mounts for the Amazon Echo Dot. Thankfully, companies such as Vanguard Dynamics are designing ultra-low-profile mounts that can help an Echo Dot seamlessly blend into the wall. Its latest offering is the Echo Dot Voice Dock Mount Kit, an affordable solution now available to custom installers in the UK through distributor Avoke.

Vanguard Dynamics’ Echo Dot Voice Dock Mount Kit can securely fix an Echo Dot speaker to either the wall or the ceiling, allowing users to interact with the Alexa voice assistant without having to see the speaker. It’s designed to be easy to install with spring clips to securely hold the voice dock onto drywall, and even comes with 4.5in square and round magnetic trim covers, which can easily be painted.

The Echo Dot Voice Dock Mount Kit has only just arrived in the UK and has reportedly been well-received by installers that have already tried it. This isn’t the only voice control product Vanguard Dynamics has planned, however. The firm has confirmed that it will be launching even more products between now and ISE,

Vanguard Dynamics’ Echo Dot Voice Dock Mount Kit is now available from UK distributor Avoke. Retail price has been set at £30.

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