P5 is gearing up for Essential Install Live! South with the company set to show off some of its products at the show.

Specialising in producing multi-channel switch, dimmer and motorisation controller modules, P5’s flagship product is its open-protocol DIN rail module series – FutureNow.

P5 Automation Ltd is responsible for strengthening the FutureNow brand which will be the company’s main focus at Essential Install Live! South which will take place on June 9 and June 10, 2015.

The 4-12 channel FutureNow modules come with proprietary bus or Ethernet connectivity. The product line consists of potential free relay output and motorization controllers, mains dimmers, single colour and RGB LED dimmers.

Each module offers heavy duty outputs and optically isolated digital inputs. The inputs can be used to control the outputs when connected to standard (momentary for dimmers) wall switches or contact closure keypads.

They can also be used as independent inputs and monitor the status of different sensors.

Each Ethernet module has a built-in website for configuration and control.

Users who prefer using an iOS or Android App may do so, with P5’s App allowing individual group and scene control without any line of coding.

FutureNow modules are compatible with controllers from the likes of Control4, AMX, Crestron and RTI, as well as software remotes like CommandFusion, iRule and Iridium Mobile.

Due to the open communication protocol the modules also support some custom and proprietary systems in both the residential and commercial installation sector.

Installers looking for modules that are universally compatible, easy to install and require little fuss, may find the FutureNow suitable for their installation.

After the inputs and outputs are connected and the modules are powered up, the outputs can already be controlled from the inputs.

Remote control from mobile devices is also possible once the iOS or Android App is installed, the modules are found and authenticated and groups are created.

Main controllers can also be added at any time when more complex functionality or A/V integration is needed without needing to do anything with the existing FutureNow setup.

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