Over in the AWE area, Denon HEOS was attracting a lot of attention.

Gavin Shing, area sales manager, said: “One of the exciting things we are talking to our customers about today is the Denon HEOS product range, specifically the HEOS HS2, which represents the next generation of HEOS products.

“It encompasses a number of upgrades from the HEOS 1, 3, 5 and 7 ranges, as well as the HEOS preamplifier and the HEOS amp.

“In terms of the upgrades, what we’re talking about is support for Bluetooth, so you are now able to stream audio directly from your iOS, Android, Mac or PC device. HS2 also provides support for hi-res audio and wireless AC.

“All of the products have seen really good traction at EI Live! but it seems with the custom install crowd that the HEOS soundbar seems to have attracted lots of attention; it’s extremely well priced and in addition to optical and coaxial digital connections, you also have the ability to connect via HDMI, allowing the utilisation of the audio return channel and CEC control.

“I think the star of the HEOS show is the HEOS Drive, this is the 2U, rack-mountable, four zone player, installers really like this.”

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