The Demopad App needs no programming and was designed with the installer in mind, making configuration easy.

According to the manufacturer, it is intended for in store display use by retail staff and is ideal for a quick customer demo room setup.

The graphical user interface sports a brand new set of graphics and since the introduction of Demopad’s Centro range and free companion Centro App, the use of the six graphics sets and other add-ons previously needing an in-App purchase are now also free when using a Centro.

The Centro-8 processor can accept multiple connections while it maintains a single connection to the equipment and for more complex system integration, Demopad supplies a fully featured suite of PC software tools to configure the control/automation system.

There are also pre-designed templates available, including a pro version (for professional installers only) as well as an auto size function allowing it to work on IOS and Android tablets and phones.

Centro-8 processors also feature a web control option so no App is required, which is convenient for situations where visitors want easy access to control the system.

The Demopad Certified Installer scheme requires completion of a days training.

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