Nest has finally released native support for the Google Assistant on its 4K IP camera, the Nest Cam IQ. This allows users to interact with Google’s AI using the Nest Cam IQ’s in-built mic, and without the need for another device, such as a smart speaker.

Google Assistant support on the Nest Cam IQ has been promised since day one, although the software update has only just begun rolling out from today. While the indoor version of the Nest Cam IQ will be getting the update, however, the outdoor version will not.

Using the Google Assistant, Nest Cam IQ users will be able to control smart home devices, ask questions, create calendar appointments, and set timers. In fact, the version of Google Assistant available on the Nest Cam IQ will be identical to what is offered on the Google Home. That means it can technically play music from streaming services, although it isn’t recommended.

What is recommended is using the Nest Cam IQ to control content on other devices. That means users are able to ask the Google Assistant to play their Nest Cam streams on a Chromecast-enabled TV using just their voice.

One feature that is missing is the ability to control the Nest Cam IQ directly from the Google Assistant on the device. That includes being able to activate the camera when the user leaves the house, which seems like an odd omission. That’s not to say Google won’t eventually update its camera in the future with the functionality, but for now it’s not present.

Those with a Nest Cam IQ indoor IP camera should start seeing the update from today.

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