AR technology has the chance to revolutionise the way users look at their homes. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the new IKEA Place app, which is now available on Android smartphones. This app allows users to place virtual furniture in their home, and it’s something that could teach installers a thing or two about how to sell customers on the dream of living in a smart home.

It’s difficult to explain to people what they can expect from their custom installation. People know that they want a large screen, 4K image, and the ability to control all their lights – but they don’t know what that would like in reality. They also find it hard to picture the room after you have specced all the tech. That why the ability to showcase a project in AR and VR could be invaluable.

IKEA’s Place app uses Google’s native AR toolkit, which is open to all developers. That means it’s completely within the realms of possibility that installers could leverage the technology to showcase their own projects. In fact, tools like The Cinema Designer are making it easier than ever to showcase what a project will look like upon completion.

With AR and VR become more popular, it’s about time custom installers offered this option to their customers. After all, while VR rooms could be a popular thing for installers to build for their clients, nothing beats showing off the room that is going to be built.

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