Modular 8×8 matrices feature a patented tray-based loading system that lets installers add input and output modules on site as required.

HDanywhere’s Modular 8×8 matrix is capable of distributing 4K Ultra HD, 1080p and 3D resolutions as well as ‘faster-than-Wi-Fi’ 10/100 Ethernet to distances of up to 100m when using HDBaseT-Pro (Class A) receivers.

Modular 8×8 boasts a suite of advanced features, including 4K Ultra HD support, a fast switching speed, CEC control of the matrix and displays, two-way IR, remote online monitoring of the matrix and system setup and administration via webOS (a browser-accessed matrix operating system that can be accessed on a smart phone,
tablet or PC).

HDMI, HDBaseT-Lite (Class A) and HDBaseT-Pro (Class B) transmission technologies can be mixed and matched as required within the same system, meaning each Modular matrix is bespoke built to deliver the exact functionality needed for the specific job.

The Remote Source Integration Kit, comprised of a HDBaseT-Pro source transmitter, a HDBaseT-Pro input module and a PSU, is suitable for clients that want their games console or a DVD player to remain under a living room display for ease of changing discs.

The HDBaseT-Pro and the HDBaseT-Lite display receivers are all PoH (power is delivered to the display receiver from the matrix over the Cat cable), meaning no PSUs are needed at the display location.

The chassis does not have to be purchased as a fully populated 8×8. Each matrix can be ordered to have the exact number of inputs and outputs required (1×8, 3×7, 4×6 and so on).

Control options for Modular 8×8 includeIP , RS232 , CEC and IR. 

Control drivers are currently available to download for AMX, Control4, Crestron, Savant, Loxone, RTI, URC, ProControl, DemoPad, iRule and Fibaro.

HDanywhere SmartControl Plus universal remotes can be additionally purchased with 8×8 matrices to control the matrix and up to 11 source devices.

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