People picking up a Hamilton Mercury Lighting Control kit will now find a touchscreen controller part of the package.

Both the DK1 and DK1E kits now contain everything needed to control one lighting circuit, as well as a single touchscreen control plate.

While the DK1 can only be controlled using a wired touchscreen plate, the DK1E has a built-in Ethernet port and enables wireless control via iPad and iPhone using Hamilton’s downloadable App from the App Store.

Hamilton is hoping that by including a touchscreen controller, installers will find it even easier to set up a smart lighting control system.

There’s also the hope that users will be able to easily interact with those smart lighting control systems, being able to change the mood lighting levels and control the ambiance remotely, without the need for programming skills.

Hamilton has ensured that simplicity is at the top of the agenda with these kits, the dimmer hub should be straightforward to access and wire-in and for simple 4-channel applications can work ‘out of the box’.

The standard touchscreen controller included in the pack has a white plastic plate, although users can upgrade at no extra cost to a metal finish from Hamilton’s Hartland CFX or Sheer CFX collections.

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