A major focus for the company since its launch, Crestron’s DigitalMedia (DM) platform is designed to provide installers with a one shot solution to today’s distribution and control challenges as newer more bandwidth-hungry and protected content floods the home.

Crestron is keen to point out that DM is the only system of its kind approved by the HDBaseT Alliance.

Visitors to the Crestron experience at the show (stands 2C24, 2E24 and 2-E-36) will be able to see the latest developments including the recently launched five new HDCP 2.2 compliant DigitalMedia input and output cards, making it possible to upgrade DM systems to distribute HDCP 2.2 protected 4K content.

Crestron underlines that the solution is not a firmware update; new hardware is required.

However, to make sure installers can now fit fully compliant systems, Crestron says it has what is needed to deliver fully HDCP 2.2 compliant 4K distribution solutions right now.

The line-up of HDCP 2.2 compliant DM products has been rapidly expanded, so customers don’t have to worry about DRM (Digital Rights Management) issues ruining their experience.

All DM chassis, cables, room boxes and receivers are already HDCP 2.2 compliant, so Crestron will be showcasing how to add HDCP 2.2 sources by simply switching out the currently installed DM input cards for those sources with Crestron’s new HDCP 2.2 compliant DM input cards.

Likewise, installers need only upgrade the output card(s) for those displays to which their customers want to transmit HDCP 2.2 protected content.

Another big focus at the show will be the beefed up Home Elements Toolkit which is designed to bring powerful simplicity to automation systems.

The Home Elements Toolkit was created to make it easier for programmers to deliver 4K video distribution and customised controls that work seamlessly across Crestron Pyng and 3-Series control platforms.

Crestron says the toolkit provides a robust set of object-oriented modules and templates that streamline set up of core functionality for most systems.

As a result, dealers are able to deliver really personalised interfaces and automation, faster than ever before.

Installers can offer a rich experience that includes intuitive dropdown and slide-out windows as well as scrolling lists across all system interfaces, including TSW touch screens, iOS devices, TSR-302 and MLX-3 remotes and Crestron’s latest Digital Graphics Engines.

Developed in conjunction with Pyng technology, Crestron says Home Elements delivers the performance, scalability and reliability of Crestron home automation without dealers having to learn to use any new software, freeing up resources to focus on the sophisticated; one-of-a-kind Crestron controls that require custom programming.

Embracing the need for ever more sophisticated streaming abilities, Crestron will also be underlining the abilities of its new H.264 streaming transmitter/receiver and receiver/room controller.

This new solution was conceived to make it simple to add streaming to any room with the Streaming Transmitter/Receiver (DM-TXRX-100-STR) and the HD Streaming Receiver and Room Controller 100 (DMC-RMC-100-STR) room box receiver.

Crestron says that together, they provide very low-cost, low profile PoE solutions that add streaming to any space without the need of a switcher or control system in the room.

The Technology In Action

Many of Crestron’s abilities can be seen in the recently completed award winning Connaught Development in London, carried out by high-quality installer, Harris Grant.

This high-end install is the result of a three-year project, merging numbers Five and Six Connaught Place into a development of five lateral and two duplex apartments with an eventual value of the order of £100million.

As you would expect from such a prestigious development, this multi-dwelling unit wanted the very latest tech and Crestron was able to show its 4K credentials proving its compliance now and well into the future.

The backbone of the installation is the Crestron DM 4K system which can provide ultra HD input to all devices and screens in each apartment.

Full compliance with all the protocols and content protection technologies, also means reliable interoperability with third party HDBaseT product if required.

The Crestron control system connects to a cloud managed wired network throughout the building and a cloud managed mesh network for each apartment.

These networks, as well as the remote monitored lighting and heating controls and a central RF feed with building wide distribution, are all supported by the multiple 100MB fibre inputs that run throughout the building.

By remotely monitoring the heating and lighting controls, the homes can be regularly checked on and issues resolved easily and quickly, offering complete peace of mind to the home owners.

However, Crestron says that what really sets these homes apart from similar developments is the future proof 4K technology that has been implemented.

The systems can be configured right from the touch screen, an iPad or computer and provides everything needed to deliver compliance with the very latest content and control priorities.

The solution is space conscious too, integrating the control system, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP, amplifier and DigitalMedia distribution centre, all into a single three-space rack mount package.

The Crestron solution offers the residents of the Connaught Buildings, the ability to distribute 4K content to any compatible display in their home via the DM system and adds an extra level of luxury to these properties, making them stand out from similar offerings – an important consideration in the increasingly competitive London luxury housing market.

Each room within the apartments features a DM-RMC-4K- 100C room controller providing an interface for the 4K display devices as part of the complete DM system.

It functions as a DM 8G+ receiver and control interface, providing a single HDMI output along with Ethernet, RS232 and IR control ports.

In addition, four apartments have complete audio and video installations with local audio and video servers in each, as well support for AirPlay, Apple TV, Streaming and Internet radio services in all zones.

The high specification of these apartments is underlined by the custom-built Crestron interface for control in apartment and in each zone.

As part of the high-tech building wide integrated package, Crestron also provides control of an E IB lighting and mechanical control backbone, audio and video delivery and client interface.

Ultimately, Crestron says the Digital Media solution has provided these apartments with award-winning media entertainment systems with 4K technology to ensure that they are fully future proofed providing peace of mind to client and installer alike.

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