CommandFusion is launching at ISE 2014 a networked home-automation controller with a range of I/Os and a price point that rivals similar products from Control4, RTI and URC, among other mid-market providers.

The new Solo will retail for about $450 USD with “industry leading dealer margins,” according to CF co-founder Jarrod Bell.

CF, which started life as a software provider, had one of the first iOS interfaces for such brands as Crestron, AMX and Global Cache, way back in 2008. Last year, it added Android apps to the mix.

The company later added hardware to its home-control offerings in rack-mount and DIN-rail form factors.

The flagship MOD4 features four card slots for integrators to mix and match communications modules in virtually any configuration.

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The new Solo packs the most popular I/Os into one box for integrating a decent array of subsystems. Besides an Ethernet port for network connectivity and IP-based control, the product includes:

2 x RS232 ports
6 x IR or 1-way RS232 ports
4 x Dry contact inputs
On board IR Blaster (8 LEDs, including four on front, two on each side)
On board IR Learner
1 x communication expansion slot (Wi-Fi and future expansion)
1 x control port expansion slot
Onboard real time clock with battery backup
USB connection for PC communication and control (also used to power the device)
Upon launch, a number of control expansion cards will be available for adding RS-232 ports, IR ports, relays or other control points.

“The ability to expand on the Solo’s functionality through the two expansion ports is an amazing feature,” says CF CTO Siong Low. “It means the customers can customize the system to suit their requirements, and they aren’t paying for what they don’t need.”

CF suggests the ports might be used for such formats as Bluetooth, ZigBee or Z-Wave.

CommandFusion has a well-established rules engine and a suite of drivers for popular subsystems.

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