The amBX Light-Scene Engine is the new IP based, multi-room lighting control engine that has been designed to facilitate intuitive lighting control. (See the HD video of amBX in action at the bottom of the article.)

This extended and scalable system is particularly suited for controlling lights within multiple spaces (up to 32 spaces) in the home, office, meeting rooms, classrooms, teaching spaces, bars, clubs and restaurants – offering multi DMX universe support for larger systems.

Built on the amBX lighting control technology and abstracted design model, Light-Scene Engine delivers new possibilities for interactive lighting and drops simple amBX Apps and user interfaces from AMX, Crestron, Control4, DemoPad and Lutron into the hands of the user.

Three versions on the same platform will be available from Sun-Light Solutions: ‘Light-Scene Engine Ambient’ will offer control of static colours including intelligent white with the ability to recreate sunrise, sunset and morning sun all from multiple colours within a pallet.

Meanwhile, ambient Light-Scenes provides the options of fireflies, fire, lounge moods, woodlands, ocean and tropical.

This version is well suited for controlling white lights and adding control of coloured lights such as RGB, RGBW, RGBWA around multiple spaces within a building or property, such as whole homes or a suite of meeting rooms, classrooms or offices.

Not stopping there, the ‘Light-Scene Engine AV’ will offer all of the above, but by using an audio and video input selector Audio2Light scenes can be created such as RnB, modern, soul-night, romance, clubbing and classical.

As such, it is particularly suited for use in media lounges, conference rooms, bars, clubs, VIP lounges, restaurants, reception areas, dining areas and houses of worship.

Furthermore, Video2Light scenes can be created for use in cinema room, cinemas, media rooms, event spaces, clubs, digital advertising and reception areas.

The ‘Light-Scene Engine amBX GO’ offers all of the above but with the added capability of controlling lights in one space.

The new amBX Apps can be used on a PC, iPad, MacBook or server for remote control of the lighting scenes for stand-alone systems.

Also available is the new remote engine manager for rapid fixture, space, universe or Light-Scene set up from any location on the Internet.

The amBX Light-Scene Engine has recently been installed in Slovenia, Holland, Cyprus, France, Austria and Russia with opportunities in South Africa, Spain, the Caribbean and the US as well as many UK installations.

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