Smart-e has announced the first in its new ‘Jupiter’ matrix range, the MDX-8×8+ ‘Io’. The maker says the MDX-8×8+ ‘Io’ is a marked improvement over the original MDX-8×8, boasting improved control functionality through web browser support, front panel control and the ‘mix and match’ of matrix and video wall processing. By combining seamless video switching with modular input and output modules Smart-e says it is setting a new benchmark for complete integrated AV solutions, all of which can be controlled either via the new front panel display and internal web browser, or via the traditional IP and RS232 control systems.

The maker also claims that the MDX-8×8+ ‘Io’ chassis offers an unprecedented level of both switching and distribution functionality for high resolution HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI through the swap in/out modular blade system. Legacy products are also catered for with analogue input cards capable of accepting RGBHV, YPrPb, Y/C and PAL/NTSC all of which can be up-scaled to 1080p resolution. A Compact 2U 19in rack mounting chassis makes for ease of installation and repair, while four-way modular input and output cards cater for a wide range of signal formats.

Being fully HDCP compliant and incorporating enhanced EDID management, the MDX-8×8+ ‘Io’ is suitable for use in multi-channel signal switching and distribution for commercial, educational and residential settings. The addition of video wall processing support makes the MDX-8×8+ ‘Io’ a good choice for command and control centres and other highly centralised solutions.

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