Drexler Hooke have partnered with guardDog AI, ‘the world’s most affordable’ cyber security AI (artificial intelligence) protection system.

Winner of three AST Homeland Security Awards for ‘Best Threat Intelligence Solution’ and ‘Best Vulnerability Management Solution’, Drexler’s MD immediately identified it as a game changing product.

guardDog is a cloud-based cyber security platform – utilising Protective Cloud Service (PCS) with companion Fido device – which proactively protects consumers, small business owners and large enterprises from continuously evolving cyber security threats.

“Getting our hands on a Fido and plugging it in to our router we found it to be one of the easiest systems to both deploy and manage” says James Davies founder of Drexler Hooke and FibreFast. He continues, “This is the ideal solution for homeowners or SME’s that want corporate cyber protection at the affordable price of £999 for standard management and £1499 fully managed.”

guardDog AI is the brain child of Peter Bookman, whose past accolades include selling Phobos to SonicWall (now Dell) and Fusion IO to Sandisk.

A device aimed at the mid-market, Peter’s idea is built around the unique ‘AI’ aspect of the product. “When you know consultants are charging $25,000 to come in and walk through your halls to produce a report that requires another company to action. It becomes unsustainable for many businesses.”

“If you happen to be doing that, we (guardDog AI) can come and, for a fraction of the cost, provide that same information in real-time. You can get that same visibility plus one more important thing, we have the ability to interrupt an attempted exploit,” says Peter.

guardDog comes with both a managed and unmanaged service. Building a Fido device into your cyber security strategy means you have the ability to automate your processes. The AI is continually evolving and has threat deterrence as part of its defence.

Use of artificial intelligence:

  • Field device management – allowing devices that detect threats to act on them even without internet
  • Cloud architecture – provide fast response time and extreme reliability
  • Threat deterrence – intruders are deterred using hostile defence
  • Real-time alerts – guardDog Ai provides customers real-time alerting to detected threats to resolve the threats proactively
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