Savant has introduced Savant Shades, its first motorised shading product range. Developed in partnership with window treatment expert James Geiger and available exclusively through Savant, these blinds are designed deliberately with a décor-conscious smart home consumer in mind.

Savant Shades are available in blackout, translucent and sheer fabrics and are a fascia-free design—meaning that window boxes concealing wires, screws or fasteners are no longer required, resulting in a clean and smooth look.

“The aim is for integrators to have the ability to order and install the shades fast and super easy”

Savant Shades are integrator-friendly. “The aim is for integrators to have the ability to order and install the shades fast and super easy,” said Tim McInerney, director of product marketing at Savant, explaining how they can decrease cost and installation time. The shades have a single motor system capable of driving multiple shades and a unique two-phase installation process that enables integrators to test mount the assemblies before the fabric is ordered, maximizing profit opportunity and reducing fitment errors.

Splendid Software

Once installed, the shades can be configured using Savant’s Blueprint software, which enables integrators to synchronise timing and set stop limits. Shades can be included in any Savant Scene, configurable by the integrator or the homeowner. Additionally, Savant has designed a modern eCommerce platform called The Savant Shade Designer, which integrators can use to plan and price each job. An online store eliminates any unexpected costs and simplifies the ordering of standard and custom fabrics, reducing delivery time to as little as three weeks.

It’s been a busy month for Savant, with the acquisition of Artison earlier in the month. This desire to develop and expand is clear with this latest product.

“By adding a beautiful line of shading products, Savant has created a complete connected home solution that is the easiest to control and offers real advantages to the customer—including a truly smart environment that delivers energy efficiency without compromising lifestyle and convenience,” stated Savant CEO Robert Madonna.

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