With trade relations becoming more complex of late between the U.S, the UK and the EU, installers and distributors who use brands imported from the United States, need to be mindful of any potential changes in trading conditions.

Indeed, the subject has stirred up some speculation in the industry surrounding what the impact may or may not be.

Mike Beatty, MD of Pulse Cinemas, a company that has many American brands in its line up, confirms, “We have recently been asked a few questions regarding any impending increases in tariffs on any of our products that we import from US. As a result, I have done some research and had a conversation with the shipping company responsible for our US imports.

“It is true that the EU have recently imposed increased import tariffs on a range of goods, due to the escalating tension between the US and the EU. However, I am glad to report that none of our products were included in this increase.”

Mike adds, “At this stage, the only range we sell which could potentially be affected by an increase in the future is the Fortress range of seating. These products are included in a list referred to as Annex 2.

“Anything in that list is due to be subject to an increase in tariffs in 2021. We are hopeful that the trade conflict will have been successfully dealt with by then and these increases will never be imposed. Clearly, we will keep monitoring the situation over the next year or so. I’d like to reassure our U.K. dealer/installers that any ‘surprise’ increases in these charges would be met by Pulse, should that situation ever occur.”

This is a situation that many companies will be keeping an eye on of course. As an industry the UK and European installation sector has of course very close ties with the US, so any more news around this area, we will of course bring to you ASAP.

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