Screen Innovations Intros CarbonBlack Holographic Screens

The Screen Innovations (SI) CarbonBlack technology offers interactive 3D realism and depth that places the presenter, artist, or object featured centre-stage as never before!

Screen Innovations, innovative player in projection screens, window coverings, outdoor shading and screen solutions for commercial and residential markets, announces the new SI CarbonBlack Mesh Holographic Screens for Interactive 3D realism, depth, and visual magic as it places the presenter, artist, or object centre-stage. The maker says the possibilities are limited only to the imaginations of the director and visual artist.

Project anything, anywhere and make illusions a reality for an audience with the new tech. SI says this revolutionary technology brings viewers into a world where the boundaries between imagination and reality blur. Whether it’s bringing distant landscapes to life in vivid detail or turning mundane spaces into dynamic environments, CarbonBlack Holographic transforms dreams into tangible experiences.

Screen Innovations

SI says that with its advanced capabilities, CarbonBlack Holographic breaks free from traditional constraints, allowing companies to unleash creativity without limitations. From immersive storytelling to interactive presentations, this innovative solution allows designers to create unforgettable experiences that defy expectations.

Whether staging, shows, levitating signage, branding, architectural visualization of medical imaging, museum setup or many other applications, CarbonBlack Mesh Holographic takes these experiences to another level, argues the company.

 Twin Sided Viewing means people can simultaneously observe the same holographic projection with a similar or identical 3D experience from both sides of the screen. CarbonBlack works with all projector lens options: Ultra-short throw, standard throw, Native 4K and Laser. The mounting can be a fixed frame or suspended in a truss. 

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