Screen Innovations has announced the new Maestro 2, audibly invisible transparent screens for laser projection applications that are completely inaudible during operation.

Screen Innovations says that the second-generation Maestro 2 improves the quality of projection as its ultra-smooth surface is optimised for 4K+ high-resolution laser projection, supports resolutions of over 8K, achieves absolute silence from the screen during operation, and delivers true colour reproduction, as it was meticulously designed to deliver 100% colour neutrality and more.

Advantage one: Enhanced projection quality

The ultra-smooth surface, according to Screen Innovations, is meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance with the latest 4K+ high-resolution laser projectors. The company says the specialised surface treatment ensures every pixel is displayed with exceptional clarity and precision. In addition, it is future-proof to support resolutions of over 8K, ensuring the user’s viewing experience remains cutting-edge and immersive for years to come.

Advantage two: Immersive audio experience

One of the advantages of Maestro 2 is its complete inaudibility to the human ear. Unlike traditional projection screens that can produce distracting noise during operation, it maintains absolute silence and allows the user to fully immerse themselves in the audio experience without interference or disruption. This seamless integration of visuals and audio enhances the immersion and enjoyment of entertainment content.

Advantage three: True-to-life colour reproduction

Metro 2 is crafted to deliver 100% colour neutrality, ensuring that the colours displayed on the screen are reproduced with the greatest accuracy and consistency. This makes it ideal for dark, dedicated home theatres where ambient light interference can compromise image quality. By maintaining colour neutrality, it preserves the integrity of the original content and allows the user to experience movies, TV shows and games exactly as the creators intended. From rich blacks to vibrant hues, each shade is rendered faithfully, creating a lifelike visual experience that brings entertainment to life like never before, says Screen Innovations.

“The improvements in SI’s Maestro 2 are significant,” says SI Founder Ryan Gustafson. “We want our customers to have the pinnacle of visual and audible experience, no matter what the room dynamics. Maestro 2 is visual and audible perfection for the dedicated theatre room.”

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