HARMAN Luxury Audio Announces MkII Editions of JBL L82 and L100 Classic Series Loudspeakers

MkII Editions of JBL L82 and L100 Classic Series passive speakers from HARMAN Luxury Audio feature woofer, midrange and tweeter performance enhancements, revised crossover designs and premium bi-wire terminals.

MkII Editions of the iconic JBL L82 Classic and L100 Classic loudspeakers have been announced at the Munich High End show offering passive Hi-Fi  loudspeakers enhanced with JBL’s Performance Package, as first introduced on the Black Edition versions of both models, improving them over their predecessors in the Classic Series range.

The Performance Package of the L82 Classic MkII and L100 Classic MkII includes an upgraded woofer design that benefits from improvements to its linearity, which helps reduce distortion. The tweeter and midrange drivers have also been treated to refinements that deliver higher performance levels. Additional upgrades include a change to the crossover design to provide dual inputs for use in bi-wiring applications, while a new input terminal cup has dual sets of premium gold-plated binding post terminals for a secure connection to a variety of loudspeaker cable and connector types.

“The acoustic performance of our popular Classic Series loudspeakers is the stuff of legend, but legends aren’t born by resting on their success — they continue to evolve,” says Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio. “For our L100 and L82 passive hi-fi loudspeakers, the next step in that evolution is the MkII Editions featuring JBL’s Performance Package, which takes their award-winning sound to the next level for the ultimate listening experience.”

The L82 Classic MkII and L100 Classic MkII will be available in the second quarter of 2023 with a manufacturer suggested retail price of £1,999/€2,250/$2,400 per pair, and £3,998/€4,500/$4,800 per pair, respectively

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