Habitech is supporting the rollout of Samsung’s latest ‘NEO QLED’ TVs to the UK’s custom installers. The new displays will join‘The Wall’ MicroLED displays, ‘The Frame’ 4K TVs and ‘The Terrace’ QLED 4K outdoor TVs in Habitech’s line-up.

A Quantum Mini LED is 1/40 the height of a conventional LED backlight. Replacing the traditionally bulky LED fixing and lens-based light dispersal, its tiny design employs an ultra-thin micro layer, which serves to hold it in place and provide more accurate light guidance. Quantum Mini LED’s microscopic size means that many more can be incorporated on a slimmer display surface under the control of Samsung’s advanced Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processing. The new design delivers much greater brightness than conventional QLED technology, together with 12-bit luminance in 4096 steps for greater detail in both dark and bright areas and more immersive HDR experiences. In addition, Samsung’s proprietary, Neo Quantum Processor offers enhanced AI upscaling capabilities, optimising 4K and 8K image output regardless of the input quality.

For gamers, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs enable 4K gaming at 120Hz, rendering greatly smoother action and heightened clarity and contrast with a low ms response time. Other features such as auto low latency mode and variable refresh rate are designed with next generation consoles in mind, as is the ‘Game Bar’ feature, which allows players to easily adjust the screen’s aspect ratio, check input lag, and connect wireless headsets.

Not only are the Neo QLED models slimmer than ever before, the 8K models feature a new ‘Infinity One Design’ bezel-less screen, which delivers a brilliantly immersive viewing experience in an ultra-thin form factor. For added convenience, Neo QLED 8K and Q95 4K models include the ‘One Connect’ cable management system that attaches at the back for an easier install and more discreet aesthetic.

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