Polar Bear Design has revealed that its award-winning Zentium Pro Thermostat now encompasses complete cooling management – removing the need for additional building management systems (BMS) for air conditioning control.   This latest upgrade offers significant benefits and huge cost savings for building developers, installers and the end-user!

Subsequently, Polar Bear Design has seen unexpected but significant growth in both the superyacht and Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) sectors wanting the Zentium Pro Thermostat.  Initially launched in early 2020, the thermostat offers complete dual room climate control, giving users the ability to monitor and control the heating and cooling of two rooms independently from a single interface.

Building upon its vision to become the thermostat of choice for architects and designers, Polar Bear Design has further developed the Zentium Pro Thermostat to not only offer a complete climate control solution, that can control radiators, including towel rails and air conditioning units, but also offers the ability to integrate with existing third party climate systems and intelligent lighting control keypads such as the Lutron Palladiom, SeeTouch, Pico or Crestron Horizon.  In addition, by working with leading edge designers the Zentium Pro Thermostat has a range of luxury faceplate finishes that complement the interior design of residential homes, including high-end apartment complexes and superyachts.

“At Polar Bear Design we’ve always been focussed on delivering a best in class thermostat for our customers.  The latest upgrade that offers total climate control, is just the first in a series of exciting feature enhancements and announcements that we’ll be revealing in 2021,” says Justin Wells, Director Polar Bear Design Ltd.

“Throughout 2020 the team has been dedicated to developing the Zentium Pro, its integration functionalities and features as well as building upon our complementary partnerships.  We’ve seen a significant increase in inbound requests for the thermostat and have secured a number of high-end contracts globally, which we’re looking forward to completing over the next six to twelve months.”

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