PMC enhances UK distribution business with addition of Martin Logan

Tim Ireland, CEO PMC, Ian Sutton UK Divisional Directory PMC, Manuel Pinke European sales manager for Martin Logon, Tony Goodall, International Operations Manager, Martin Logan

PMC’s recently formed division, PMC UK Distribution, has today announced it has become the distributor for the prestigious US brand of loudspeakers, Martin Logan, enhancing the company’s offering to UK retailers and audiophiles.

Martin Logan is one of the most respected US loudspeaker brands, having been founded in 1980 in Kansas, and now being exported to over 50 countries around the world. Best known for its electrostatic panel designs, the brand is considered to be one of the AV ‘greats’ with a reputation for strong audio performance, build quality and customer service ethos.

Commenting on the creation of PMC Distribution UK, divisional director, Ian Sutton says, “The expansion of PMC’s own product portfolio, across loudspeakers and amplifiers, plus the distribution of Bryston electronics and recent addition of AVM, necessitated a separation of the PMC manufacturing and sales divisions in the UK. It enables us to maintain and expand the focus on our home market, meeting the specific needs of the retail and installation sectors through the infrastructure of a dedicated distribution business.”

On the addition of Martin Logan to the portfolio, Ian adds, “The changing market in the UK, and move towards high-end custom installations, meant we needed to expand our offering in this critical market. Martin Logan, while known most famously for its flat panels, has a very strong and extensive range of lifestyle active subwoofers and installation speakers and is the perfect fit with our other brands and own brand offering.”

Three stages

PMC will commence operations with Martin Logan by implementing a three-stage introduction programme. Firstly, by strengthening the presence of the flagship Masterpiece series electrostatic loudspeakers in the UK, through careful evaluation and fine tuning of the existing sales channels. New dealers will be appointed, and some existing dealer contracts will be reviewed where necessary.

Following the revitalisation of these products, PMC UK Distribution will turn its attention to the Martin Logan custom installation and SLM lifestyle models.

As a producer of installation products already, in the form of the PMC wafer series, the company is already active in this market and the range of Martin Logan in-wall, on-wall and in-ceiling speakers will be the perfect complement in this burgeoning sector.

The third stage will see the introduction of the Martin Logan Motion Series and high-functioning BalancedForce subwoofers offering ARC room optimisation technology.

The company argues the combination of passive, easy to integrate, loudspeakers and powerful active subwoofers provides true audiophile quality and enables everybody to join this affordable audio revolution without sacrificing sound quality.

Further support for the UK market will come in the form of a new PMC website and UK focused websites for each brand, with a partner support section.

For authorised UK retailers, the secure login-only area of the site will provide instant access to product service information, images, logos, artwork, literature, technical information and product manuals.

Additionally, the UK sales team will have instant access to a direct feedback system, enabling the relevant department within PMC to offer support and advice as required.

“The addition of the assets library will also help our retailers to present the PMC brand to their customers correctly and clearly across advertising, all editable artwork, point of sale and online. We believe this will be one of the most comprehensive support services available to UK retailers from any distributor.” Comments Keith Tonge, architect of the new system.

The PMC Distribution UK business is headed by Ian Sutton, with the familiar faces of Tom Barron and Craig Sowerby servicing the retail and installation accounts and Karen King in the sales office as a single point of contact at head office.

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