PlexusAV, the professional AV division of Sencore, providing a suite of human-focused AV-over-IP solutions, will be showcasing the company’s fully featured PlexusAV AVOIP system based on IPMX at ISE 2024. The system includes features such as USB-C, RS232, IR and will also now highlight the all-new Stream Conversion Gateway

Steven Cogels, Global Director of Business Development for PlexusAV advises: “The ISE 2024 show marks the full debut of our entire new range of products in Europe. This includes the AVN4, Visual Array and Stream Conversion Gateway, which will all now be demonstrated working together in our booth (4G510 in Hall 4) at the show. Whilst the products are all designed to utilise the interoperable IPMX platform, they are not dependent on it. The range is packed with features and benefits that make the lives of the AV Consultants, System Integrators and End Users so much easier, when both specifying and using the PlexusAV range.”

Aaron Doughten, Director of Technology for PlexusAV confirms: “We are so excited as a company to be showing at ISE 2024. For those that don’t know our ranges and products, I’ve provided an overview below. However, I strongly encourage all attendees of ISE2024 to come and see the amazing results of all our hard work over the past 12 months for themselves at our booth.”

The Plexus AVN-4 transceiver, the system’s encoder and decoder of video and audio signals, adds advanced features like video thumbnail support and one-click source switching. 

These new features are designed to make configuration and monitoring of content a breeze on the P-AVN-4. Thanks to NMOS (the control protocol in IPMX) the transceiver provides simple, easy-to-use signal routing allowing video, audio and control on separate ethernet ports. To top it off, the Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) is an advanced video encoding that boosts quality for the most challenging video content.

The SCG is making its European debut at ISE2024, and we will demonstrate how the system supports various other non-IPMX protocols and allows those to flow in and out of the PlexusAV network.

The SCG allows an AV over IP installation to break free from the traditional limitations of other AV over IP solutions that ignore existing third party protocol-based sources. Using the SCG, there is reportedly no need to go back to baseband to connect signals in an AV over IP network to ‘outside’ destinations such as lecture capture platforms or archiving solutions. 

The manufacturer has also added NDI capabilities to the SCG to provide users with further expanded interoperability. 

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