Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer, PIEGA, has launched the Ace series – ‘an affordable, elegant speaker collection’ featuring PIEGA’s signature aluminium cabinets and AMT tweeters.

With an aesthetic designed by Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann, and acoustics developed at PIEGA’s Lake Zurich based factory, the Ace series loudspeakers mark ‘the most affordable aluminium cabinet PIEGA loudspeaker to date’. Drawing on technology and acoustic development trickled down from the Master, Coax and Premium models, the Ace builds on the success of, and replaces the well regarded Tmicro series.

Available in the UK from late February, the Ace series consists of a slim, one-metre tall floor standing loudspeaker, the Ace 50, a compact satellite loudspeaker, the Ace 30, and a landscape format Ace Centre for cinema systems. The cabinets are all 14cm wide and 16cm deep oval aluminium profile, with no visible seams, angles or fixings, designed to appeal to ‘those who want speakers to look as good as they sound’ says PIEGA.

The braced aluminium cabinets have been specially developed for this trio of loudspeakers and optimised for the 120mm MDS mid/bass drivers common to all three models. The HF unit is also common to all three models, in the form of PIEGA’s tried and tested AMT-1 Air Motion Transformer. This light, large surface area ribbon tweeter is driven by a neodymium motor assembly, to create a fluid upper-frequency response.

The driver combination has been developed to produce ‘punchy bass, detailed midrange’ and the HF delivery for which ribbon tweeters are famed, all in a svelte, ‘exquisite’ looking cabinet.


ACE 30 – £980.00 per pair

The ‘bookshelf’ design Ace 30 is the smallest loudspeaker in the PIEGA portfolio, with its baffle measuring the same size as an A5 sheet of paper. Although compact in size, the Ace 30 produces a ‘powerful, balanced and clear sound’, thanks to a single 120mm MDS woofer and AMT-1 tweeter in the small volume enclosure. The Ace 30 is suitable for listening in smaller rooms, with or without a subwoofer, or for more discreet sound in larger area living rooms.

ACE 50 – £1,980 per pair

Stepping up in scale and performance, the Ace 50 has the same profile width as its smaller sibling yet extends the cabinet vertically, with a neat round plinth, to incorporate three 120mm MDS woofers and the AMT-1 tweeter. This three-way design uses two of the MDS drivers for LF, with a single MDS driver dedicated to producing mid-range frequencies, with considerably lower LF extension and higher power handling than the outgoing Tmicro60 model. The Ace 50 is suitable for medium to larger living spaces.

ACE CENTER  – £590.00 each

The new Ace series can be used as a multi-channel home theatre system with the landscape format Ace Centre. Its two 120mm MDS woofers, AMT-1 Tweeter and dedicated crossover deliver exceptional speech intelligibility for TV and feature films. Thanks to its compact size, the Ace Centre can easily be placed under or on a shelf around the TV screen. A wall mounting bracket is available for the Ace Centre as an optional extra.


All three Swiss Ace series models are available in a choice of three finishes.

  • Natural aluminium with grey fabric grille
  • Anodised black with black grille
  • High gloss white with white grille
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