Netvio launched its brand new preconfigured plug’n’play AVoIP switch at EI Live! 2022, Farnborough, in September which is now available to order. This switch extends the JP4 product offering, giving customers a complete AVoIP solution from a single brand without the headaches of choosing the right switch or complex multicast configuration.

The, IP-SW-24P-10, a dedicated AVoIP switch is designed for use with Netvio and other manufacturers AV over IP solutions. It comes configured for multicast AVoIP solutions, requiring zero configuration for Netvio JP4 systems with up to 21 encoder or decoder end points. All ports are conveniently labelled dramatically simplifying and speeding up installation, whilst VLANs are pre-configured for the JP4 series 1080p RTSP preview and 4K HDR AVoIP streams. All ports support PoE with an ample total POE budget of 450 Watts, enough to power all connected devices simultaneously.

James Meredith, Netvio’s Technical Director, explains, “In the years I have been working with high performance AV over IP solutions the networking hardware and configuration has continuously proved to be the tripping point for customers moving from HDBaseT to network-based solutions. Multicast & VLAN configuration as well as specifying hardware with enough POE budget requirements are the steepest part of the learning curve for new customers. With the release of the IP-SW-24P-10 AVoIP switch, Netvio makes using our JP4 AVoIP system as easy as HDBaseT with ‘plug n’ play’, zero config setup in most installation scenarios.”
“We have carefully selected hardware components to perfectly match our customers requirement for both maximum performance and value. Whilst Netvio’s UK based engineers have finely tuned the system configuration to meet our company mandate to ‘Simplify Complexity’ by making a switch that perfectly suits AVoIP hardware requirements and completely removes the minefield of switch configuration from the setup process.”

James adds, “When the IP-SW-24P-10 and JP4 series are combined with our industry leading Netvio 360 configuration software for both Windows & MacOS, setup could not be simpler. The software includes single click device discovery for all Netvio components in a modern, graphically rich interface with intuitive system management and configuration. Netvio 360 is also the first AVoIP management platform to offer single click, online updates of all system software and firmware to ensure our customers are always using the latest versions, with the most up to date features and fixes, without wasting hours on site to do so.
“The IP-SW-24P-10 is ideally suited to systems using third party control solutions or our innovative Netvio Go control app for iOS & Android,” explains James. “It has never been so simple to use our powerful preview streams to enjoy content on large format displays and mobile devices, a feature that every customer can try for themselves now thanks to the built-in demonstration modes included within the app.”

The IP-SW-24P-10 is available to order from UK distributors Habitech and Mast Digital UK now.

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