Combining Smart CI Solutions with NAD performance, the company’s sixteen- channel powerhouse promises reliability, stability and installer-friendly features.

NAD Electronics, manufacturer of high-performance audio/video components, has announced an all-new advanced amplifier targeted squarely at high performance distributed audio systems. The CI 16-60 DSP ($2499 / £1999 / €2749 MSRP) delivers 16 x 60W per channel with unique features and will be available in mid-February.

The CI 16-60 DSP is described as a highly versatile, robust amplifier built for the demands of professional installations. Delivering a conservative 60W per channel at 8 ohms into all of its 16 channels, each pair of channels is with bridgeable to 140W per channel if more power is desired. The hybrid digital amplifier platform delivers stable and efficient power with high current capability all in a 2U rack space.

The CI 16-60 DSP uses a customised version of the proven Hypex UcD output stage to deliver great load invariant power with extremely low distortion and noise in the audible range. NAD says every detail of this design has been carefully executed to wring out the best possible performance. Designed to deal with the demands of the custom installation world, the CI 16-60 can handle long cable runs and difficult speaker loads.

The CI 16-60 DSP is an IP-controlled amplifier which allows the installer to configure and calibrate via a web-based user interface. The user interface offers access to multi-channel digital signal processing (DSP) providing detailed equalisation control. A virtual patch bay permits any input to be routed to any, or multiple outputs without the need to create physical connections.

In addition, the UI offers insight into temperature and power status, as well as basic troubleshooting functions like power cycling, factory resetting and updating. Rounding out the CI 16-60’s feature set are loop through jacks on all the inputs making it easy to daisy chain sources to multiple amplifiers for larger installations.

“NAD’s CI 16-60 DSP amplifier joins the CI 8-120 DSP and CI 8-150 DSP distribution amplifiers highlighting one of the brand’s strongest features which of course is our amplifier platforms, says Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook’s Product Manager for CI. The brand has a reputation for rock-solid amplification and a tonal balance that seems to shake hands with virtually any speaker it powers. Our clients can expect the same exacting standard. For example, this new CI 16-60 DSP adheres to the same stringent sonic tests as our best traditional amplifiers. Quite simply, that sonic signature and rock-solid reliability is what separates NAD from the rest.”

Features & Details

•        Platform accessed through IP control

•        Custom web app manages DSP calibration, IP control and more

•        16 Channels x 60 Watts @ 8 ohm

•        Bridgeable – any consecutive channel pair bridgeable to 2 x 140W @ 8 ohm

•        Renowned NAD sonic signature

•        Effectively handles long cable runs and difficult speaker loads

•        Global Input/Output and Individual Channel Input and Output

•        2U Rack height

•        0.5W Standby Mode, 3W

•        Network Standby

•        12V Trigger In; IR In/Out

•        Multiple Power-up options as well as Eco Mode

•        Universal AC Power Supply

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