LEDA and VATA combined for sound diffusion in a media roomMikodam panels mount on a neat, discreet rail systemOrder the version of the panel required for optimal acoustic treatmentThe GETA panel, peforated and felt-wrapped to absorb mid-range and HFThe Heydar Aliyev Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects prominently features Mikodam's HAZA claddingVerstile PIRA comes as 1200 x 600mm or 600 x 600mmComplete cinema with LEDA walls and DETA ceilingDETA as wood veneer, lacquer or fabric-wrapped finish

Custom AV Distribution have joined forces with Mikodam in the UK for the residential custom installation channel. Mikodam manufacturer acoustic architectural products and furniture. Their elegant and effective solutions are seen worldwide in luxury residential and commercial properties.

What’s unique about Mikodam acoustic panels?

Mikodam panels are what our industry has been waiting for! Extremely effective acoustic surfaces that look like art, but with flexibility and options to satisfy even the most demanding interior designer or client. An easy sell, that adds enormous value to any project. The panels lend themselves extremely well to either forming a single decorative piece, spot treatment around a media room or a show-stopping design that embraces all surfaces of a cinema room.

How do I specify Mikodam?

Currently there are 15 uber cool styles of panel from the brand which feature on and the PDF catalogue. Plus, CAVD can supply free renders to help your customer visualise the space. The latest additions are PIRA, DETA, VATA, TORA and LEDA which are each 1200mm x 600mm. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically, mixed up and/or combined with other panels. All easily mounting on a simple rail system. Dealers are welcome to bring clients to the CAVD showroom in Marlow too; Mikodam panels are on display along with fabric and material sample packs to browse.

Acoustic design assistance

Mikodam is not just a pretty face! The acoustic engineering hidden in the panel system is extensive and therefore many panels are available in various ‘T’ versions. This means perforations, combined with other technologies to achieve low, mid or high effective absorption coefficients. CAVD and Mikodam will assist you in your design to meet your acoustic targets in a given space.

What options are there to customise?

Firstly, available in Q2 there’s a new panel, SPKR to hide in-wall speakers. Many of the panels are available in a wood veneer, lacquer or covered in felt or fabric. Mixing the finishes of panel sections can be done as can adding LEDs. End pieces conceal open sections or neatly intersect panels at corners. And the rail mount system can be used on the walls or the ceiling. It’s a snap-in system, so panels can be swapped-out for other, newer models in the future!

Will Mikodam fit the panels for me?

CAVD and Mikodam provide a service in the UK to fit your Mikodam creation. The fitting team will also visit site to check all measurements, to avoid any nasty surprises during commissioning.

Where do I start?

Contact CAVD via or 01628 563344

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