Lithe Audio is claiming to have transformed and simplified the fully immersive home cinema experience with its new WiSA-enabled Lithe Audio Wireless Cinema Hub and Lithe Audio Cinema Subwoofer.

New WiSA-enabled Lithe Audio Wireless Cinema Hub and New Lithe Audio Cinema Subwoofer wirelessly connects to Lithe Audio WiSA-enabled PRO Ceiling speakers and recently launched WiSA iO1 all-weather speaker for a premium home cinema system. The maker says this new concept allows installers to transform any size living room – or garden – into an immersive home cinema with no need for a dedicated media room.

Stand out headlines from the launch include the world’s first WiSA outdoor cinema setup and a versatile and scaleable approach able to increase up to a full Dolby Atmos Cinema experience

With its NEW WiSA-enabled Lithe Audio Wireless Cinema Hub and WiSA-enabled Lithe Audio Cinema Subwoofer with 8in driver and premium amplifier, Lithe Audio says it has created a transformative system to deliver a high-quality cinema experience at home, in a living room or outdoors, without an AVR or speaker wires.

With seamless connection to Lithe Audio WiSA-certified ceiling and on-wall speakers – such as the PRO ceiling speakers or WiSA iO1 indoor/outdoor speaker – the system can be discreetly installed to deliver a fully flexible and immersive experience without the need for a dedicated cinema room.

“This is a game-changing solution that wirelessly delivers a discreet yet fully immersive room-filling media experience for movies, gaming or music in the home,” says Amit Ravat, Director of UK-based AV specialist Lithe Audio:

“The Cinema Hub provides multiple wireless streaming services and Dolby sound format options and links seamlessly to any WiSA-enabled speakers without connecting cables. Together with the WiSA Subwoofer, it transforms the home cinema experience into something extraordinary.

“Paired with our WiSA-enabled in-ceiling PRO speakers or iO1 speakers, this high-quality cinema experience is achievable in any room, scalable to any size. And as the i01 is waterproof with an IP-66 rating – with six different mounting configurations – you can use this system to create fully immersive outdoor TV setup too.”

Tony Ostrom, WiSA Association President adds, “The team at Lithe Audio continues to innovate and lead with amazing audio solutions that bring powerful performances, elegant design, and simplicity of installation to anyone seeking amazing home entertainment experiences. We are very excited to be the technology driving the high quality wireless audio connectivity and performance of this great solution from our friends at Lithe Audio.”

This device combines digital and analogue audio inputs for wireless streaming and video via HDMI inputs into one compact media unit. The Hub allows installers to connect all of the audio and video components, such as a TV, DVD player, gaming console and control them with a single remote. Connected wirelessly to any WiSA-certified speaker to amplify the signal, delivering powerful, high-fidelity sound for a home theatre without cables.

Multiple Wireless Streaming Services via AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Bluetooth, and Spotify

Connected Cables are not required: use the hub as a Wireless Digital AVR and connect speakers wirelessly via WiSA for less low latency playback without the need to run cables to speakers back to racks or wired AVR

The system is fully scalable from a 2.1 setup to a full 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup with a mix of iO1 speakers and Pro series ceiling speakers. Any combination of 8 channels with up to 30 stacked speakers is possible.

Sound formats: Wireless Dolby Atmos via WiSA connectivity, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+ / Dolby True HD and Dolby Atmos Virtual

Wireless cinema without cables. no Latency and interoperable with any WiSA HT certified speakers

Automatic Room Correction via App -Quick setup to auto-correct based on size, shape, and acoustic properties of the room

On Screen Display for System Setup: convenient and easy setup of the system through TV menu; and Aluminium remote control to select sources, change volume, skip, pause / play functions

Provides high-quality surround sound when linked to WiSA-certified Lithe Audio in-ceiling Pro Speakers or Lithe Audio i01 indoor/outdoor speakers

Consumers can experience the power of sound with the Lithe Audio WiSA Subwoofer, engineered with an 8in driver and a premium amplifier for a robust, crystal-clear audio performance. Lithe Audio’s technology ensures a rich, distortion-free bass that brings audio to life. The crossover system is meticulously designed to focus solely on the lowest frequencies, guaranteeing a deep, resonant bass that you can feel says the maker.

WiSA Certified, 8in downward-firing driver with dual ports for maximum bass in a compact size

Hardwire to any traditional wired AVR via the sub-out port and use as a traditional active subwoofer

Wirelessly connects to any WiSA HT cinema or music system for a setup with no visible wires or cables

The line-out port allows for multiple stacking of subs for deeper and richer bass. An optional wall mount kit is available for fixing to a wall and keeping the sub off the floor

Premium grade paper cone with combination of stiffness, low mass that make the best sounding and smooth bass delivery

“Installers can now offer a high-quality cinematic surround-sound solution to customers without a dedicated cinema room, and also offer them the opportunity to have an outdoor surround sound set-up with our new WiSA iO1s (pictured left),” adds Ravat.

“As we look to the future, the concept of outdoor active audio is becoming increasingly prominent. These systems are not just about listening to music or watching movies outdoors; they are about creating a fully immersive, high-quality audio-visual environment that complements and enhances the outdoor living experience. The integration of wireless technology, weather resistance, and ease of installation positions these systems at the forefront of outdoor entertainment, offering a glimpse into a future where our outdoor spaces are as technologically equipped and versatile as our indoor environments.”

Lithe Audio Home Cinema Speaker Bundles offer flexibility and versatility for creating the ideal setup for any home. From 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1 setups to 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setups, Lithe Audio’s range of bundles will deliver an elevated home theatre experience for a wide range of spaces.

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