Zappiti and Trinnov Audio Demos

Zappiti Partners with Trinnov Audio to Deliver Exclusive Movie Trailers for Home Cinema Demonstrations.

Zappiti, manufacturer of 4K Dolby Vision media players, says it understands the power of a great home cinema demonstration. Its recent partnership with Trinnov Audio provides AV integrators and home theatre enthusiasts with a demo solution that showcases the impact of a high-quality home theatre. Through integration with Trinnov’s Altitiude16 or Altitude32 processor, Zappiti’s range of 4K DV media players have instant access to a generous package of high-quality movie trailers chosen for their stunning and impactful images and audio, many of which originated from commercial cinemas. The Trinnov-curated movie trailer package is available to Zappiti customers as a free unlimited promotion.

“Nothing evokes the emotion of a professionally designed and installed home theater quite like a great movie trailer, says Rémy Pariselle, Zappiti Marketing Director. “Thanks to our partnership with Trinnov, Zappiti players can create the engaging, immersive cinematic demonstrations integrators need to inspire customers and cultivate home theater sales.”

“The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR player is a key component in my California-based Procella and Trinnov demo theater. In addition to simply watching movies, I use it as an active part of my demo script, showcasing reference-quality audio and video with an intuitive and highly functional interface, adds Chuck Back, Managing Director, Trinnov Audio Inc.

Another feature of benefit to integrators and home theatre enthusiasts through Trinnov-supported Zappiti players is playback of all immersive audio formats, including the latest object-based audio technologies, DTS:X and DTS:X Pro. Trinnov’s Altitude processors are one of the first to decode and render all the information from DTS:X and DTS:X Pro soundtracks, and now, through its partnership with Zappiti, openly share this highly immersive audio content with Zappiti media players. For the first time, AV integrators and end-users can enjoy DTS:X Pro, a cinema-like sound experience, in their own home cinemas. 

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