Invision launches Committed to Cinema, June 13-14, Innovation House, Bracknell

Invision's Home Cinema Demo RoomAttendees at last year's Invision House Party enjoying a presentation from Graham Pow on Micro LED

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Committed to Cinema will highlight Invision’s cinema brands while bringing customers together to network, get hands-on with the products and face-to-face time with brand representatives.

Between 10am and 4pm, attendees can hear the Krix experience in Invision’s dedicated home cinema and see the UK exclusive launch of the new madVR Envy Extreme MK2 as well as the unveiling of the new Samsung 110in MICRO LED screen.

Mark Taylor, commercial director at Invision, says, “We are really looking forward to welcoming guests to our Committed to Cinema event at Innovation House. Getting to see customers and show them cutting-edge technology from our handpicked cinema portfolio all in one place is an exciting prospect.

“This year, we are thrilled to have Scott Krix here all the way from Australia to share his expertise in delivering high-end cinema audio, both in commercial and residential settings. I cannot wait to hear what he, and our other special guests, have to say about home cinema technologies.”

An expert panel including Scott Krix, founder of Krix Loudspeakers; Ric Litofsky, madVR CEO; Tom Garrett, Trinnov’s international sales manager and Ben Goff, Cinema Lusso’s technical director, will be discussing the history of cinema technology and how they see it developing in the future.

Scott Krix, founder of Krix Loudspeakers, adds, “To come over to the UK for Invision’s event to meet and hear from integrators, and other Invision partners, is fantastic.

“For many years, my passion for sound has fuelled my pursuit for high-quality audio and as a result Krix was formed in 1974. That passion hasn’t wavered and events like this gives us a great opportunity to gain insight from our customers and distributors about home cinema installations and what their end-users desire.

“I look forward to welcoming integrators into Invision’s Committed to Cinema event and to be able to demonstrate our speakers in their home cinema in Bracknell.”

During the two-day event, attendees will get to see the new madVR Envy Extreme MK2 video processor for the first time in the UK as well as direct one-on-one time with CEO Ric Litofsky. The newly launched model delivers a huge boost in GPU power, upgraded state-of-the-art system components, a completely redesigned cooling system, a new premium backlit remote control, and an exquisite custom case designed from the ground up to create the new industry standard for dedicated video processors.

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Attendees at last year’s Invision House Party enjoying a presentation from Graham Pow on Micro LED
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