Apple is just one week away from revealing the new version of the Apple TV set-top box, but that has not stopped a few details being leaked ahead of schedule.

According to BuzzFeed, Apple’s next generation set-top box will feature Siri, Apple’s voice assistant found on iOS devices, to power some ‘pretty hardcore voice control’.

Siri is set to be a key feature of the next generation Apple TV, after the voice assistant appeared on invitations to Apple’s event in San Francisco on September 9.

One feature that will please Apple TV users of old however, is Universal Search.

Apple is reportedly finally bringing Universal Search to Apple TV’s software.

The goal of this is to allow users to search for a specific movie, TV show or other piece of media and receive results from a variety of sources.

For instance, if a user wanted to watch the new series of Game of Thrones, a search will show which services the series is available on – including third party Apps like HBO Now.

Users will then be able to select which service to view the content on, or whether they want to purchase it from the iTunes Store.

Universal Search will work with more than just film and TV show titles however, with users given the option to search for content which features certain actors, or directed by certain people.

So how will Universal Search work? Well, Siri will reportedly power the whole thing – meaning no typing is necessary.

While Siri will be a key feature in the next Apple TV, the remote will also be vital for its success.

TechCrunch sources claim that the remote will double as a gaming remote through the use of motion sensors, something BuzzFeed says it has been able to verify.

The remote will also include a touchpad for interaction with a variety of Apps which will be made available through the new App Store.

Apple’s latest TV set-top box is set to be the most powerful yet, featuring the company’s latest A8 processor.

However, with all these improvements Apple is reportedly planning a price increase – something the iPhone maker rarely does.

Apple recently dropped the price of its set-top box from $99 (£79) to $69 (£59), although sources close to the matter claim that the new version will retail in the US for $149 (£99).

Nothing is official as of yet, with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook expected to reveal all on September 9.

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