Optimised for the dealer/installer by combining the experience of Home Entertainment Solutions and Karma-AV, Ultimate Screens is offering UK dealers a range of UK-made, 4K-ready, acoustically transparent screens designed for easy installation.

A wide product choice is in development, but at launch the Ultimate Screens range will comprise fixed-frame acoustically transparent screens in standard sizes and in both 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios.

Bespoke Fixed Frame screens will also be available on short lead times.

In addition to offering 4K-ready performance, Ultimate Screens will offer installers a new and easy installation process.

According to the manufacturer, ‘the majority of other brands require the screen to be attached to frame and tensioned face down on the ground, risking damage to the velvet frame and screen material’.

Ultimate Screens is tackling this by allowing it to be completed in simple stages after the frame is attached on the wall:

Stage 1: Assemble the frame then hang on the wall using the mount brackets.
Stage 2: Insert the black fabric backing into the screen frame’s fabric retaining channel using the supplied fabric tool.
Stage 3: Add the 4K Acoustically Transparent screen fabric into the fabric-retaining track.
Stage 4: Add the front velvet screen borders.

Screen features include 4K acoustically-transparent screen material and a tactile ultra-black surround with ‘class-leading’ light absorption.

In the event of damage to frame or screen, Ultimate Screens offers a subsidised replacement screen and velvet surface program.

For more information, contact Karma-AV or visit Ultimate Screens here.

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