Stewart Filmscreen is joining forces with top brands in the residential, commercial and professional AV markets at ISE 2016; with its products being shown off alongside those from the likes of Christie Digital, PRIMA Cinema, Pro Audio Technology and CinemaTech.

Among the demonstrations Stewart Filmscreen will be performing on its stand at ISE 2016, one of the key demos will be of its new FIDELEDY Vision LED image enhancement system

FIDELEDY Vision is designed for architectural, digital signage, staging, film-making and other applications involving LED video walls to create an enhanced film-like visual experience.

At ISE 2016 the demonstration of FIDELEDY Vision will be paired with Christie’s Velvet 2.5mm series of LED panels.

“Pairing FIDELEDY Vision with an LED wall solves real technical and budgetary problems,” says Peter Brown, president of Stewart Filmscreen. “It eliminates moiré and allows the viewing audience to be much closer to the LED walls without the distraction of the pixelated appearance from common installations.”

Stewart Filmscreen will also show off its AeroView 100 rear-projection screen with a Christie HD 10K-M projector with a 0.67 lens and mirror system.

AeroView 100 is billed as a flexible rear-projection screen material formulated to deliver ‘excellent’ white field uniformity and eliminate hot-spotting.

Christie products won’t be the only hardware partnered with Stewart Filmscreen’s range however. In fact, Digital Projection’s HighLite laser 4k Ultra HD projector will be paired with a 16ft wide Stewart Filmscreen VistaScope Jumbo Variable Masking screen.

There, Stewart will be introducing its newest woven screen fabric, Harmony. The company has not yet said what Harmony is set to bring to the table, other than the fact that it will allow audio to pass through freely and without hindrance, but it will surely announce the new fabric formally at the show.

Pro Audio will also demonstrate its 21-channel Dolby Atmos surround sound system. The 21-channels of discrete object-based audio will utilise three Pro Audio SCRS-15sm left/centre/right loudspeakers, two LFC-21sm main subwoofers, two LFC-10sm surround subwoofers, six SCRS-6im-P side channel loudspeakers, two SCRS-26im rear-channel loudspeakers, and six SCRS-5iw ceiling loudspeakers.

PRIMA Cinema is also exhibiting at ISE 2016 for the first time. In fact, ISE attendees will be the first to experience PRIMA in Europe and some of the first in the world to experience PRIMA’s next generation 4K offering.

For those unaware, PRIMA Cinema offers Hollywood films currently out at the cinema to customers who would prefer to have the cinema experience at home. Right now the likes of The Hateful Eight, Dirty Grandpa and

are available on the service. Zoolander 2, London Has Fallen and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 have also been confirmed as coming soon.

Despite offering something truly unique, PRIMA is not resting on its laurels. In fact, the company is using ISE 2016 to unveil its next generation product – PRIMA 4K. This new generation will deliver 4K content and full Dolby Atmos sound directly to customers’ home cinemas.

So Stewart Filmscreen has projectors, screens, audio systems and now movie delivery software on its stand. It still however is missing a few key components from the home cinema. Thankfully it will also have CinemaTech seating on its stand.

CinemaTech Valentino incliners will be available for all attendees to have a sit down and they’ll be covered in a semi aniline, slightly polished top-hide leather. The frames are made entirely of steel, motorisation and articulating headrests.

Lastly but by no means least, Stewart Filmscreen will also be showing off the CinemaTech Acoustic Room System, an acoustic treatment that is only 32mm thick, yet is still able to improve the entire sound spectrum down to 100Hz.

Those components will make up Stewart Filmscreen’s stand at ISE 2016, however customers will also see its products around the show. Barco will be using the company’s products to show off its 6P laser projector, while Spanish distributor Tecco will re-create a window-shop display using FIDELEDY Vision.

Steinway Lyngdorf will also be using a fixed-frame Stewart Filmscreen Tela 80 woven acoustically transparent screen in its high-performance audio demonstrations.

Attendees of ISE 2016 are invited to visit the Stewart Filmscreen stand (1-F41) to learn more about its products, as well as the products from a variety of its partners.

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