Sonos has launched what it calls its most powerful wireless accessory for the most challenging Wi-Fi conditions helping installers iron out issues with drop out and weak signal.

“No matter the strength of your Internet connection at home, rock-solid wireless is our standard,” says Sonos chief executive John MacFarlane.

“That’s why alongside making Sonos even easier to get started last month with our new Wi-Fi setup we have also introduced the Sonos BOOST.

“BOOST is our most powerful wireless accessory, built to keep the music playing in even the most challenging Wi-Fi conditions, no matter where you want to put a speaker in your home.

“Similar to the BRIDGE, BOOST connects directly to a router to create a dedicated network, allowing all Sonos speakers and components to talk to each other, with up to 50% greater wireless range.”

In addition to expanding the reach of a user’s system, BOOST’s three internal antennas help neutralise any interference from other consumer electronics that might typically cause dropouts.

While a wired connection to the router is optional for multi-room music listeners, those connecting speakers as part of a home-cinema set up need BOOST or BRIDGE, or another component wired to the router, to ensure a user’s TV picture and sound stay in synch.

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