Sky Q is now available to non-Sky Broadband customers, with the company no longer forcing prospective customers to sign up to its broadband service. In fact, from today, users can be with BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media or just about any broadband provider they want and still enjoy the benefits of Sky Q.

While an expansion of Sky Q’s availability will be welcome news for many, some who have already got the box will be eagerly anticipating the launch of 4K UHD.  The good news? It’s coming this year. The bad news? Users will have to wait until the summer to get it.

If that time-frame holds steady, then it should mean Sky Q gains 4K UHD support just in time for the Olympic Games in Rio. Unfortunately, users won’t be able to enjoy the games in 4K however, as the OBS has confirmed that while 4K footage will be created, it won’t be transmitted to the UK and Europe.

4K UHD was one of the biggest new features of Sky Q when it was first announced late last year. While the company has been showcasing ‘Fluid Viewing’ in its latest television ads, many installers have already been able to offer that functionality to their customers through the use of HDMI matrixes.

Despite that, the Sky Q silver box boasts 12 TV tuners and 2TB of storage facilitating the ability to watch five different programmes on five screens, whilst simultaneously recording four other shows. Users needn’t own Sky boxes around their homes to consume that content either, as the Sky Q box can now beam recorded, on demand and live content to the new Sky Q App on their tablet.

With the expansion in Sky Q’s availability it’s likely that the company is going to enjoy an explosion of sign-ups to the service. As of yet the company has remained quiet on the number of people who have subscribed to Sky Q, with the premium pricing and the fact that the user will never own the physical box regularly cited as the main reasons behind their hesitation.

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