Screen Innovations has launched Zero-G, its motorised projection screen that when deployed, literally appears to be floating in mid-air; check out the new nostalgic video from the manufacturer.

Shown at ISE 2016, the screen will be available to order at CEDIA 2016 on the Screen Innovations stand: 5735. The screen size is up to a maximum of 160in diagonally in 16:9 aspect ratio.

To mark the occasion, Screen Innovations will be giving away two Zero-G screens during CEDIA 2016. Digital Projection has also joined the fun by offering its M-Vision 320 projector, combined with a 120in Zero-G Slate ‘Rollable Television’ in the first giveaway package, (total MSRP of $21,160/ £15,942). The second giveaway will be for a 120in Zero-G Slate Screen.

To enter drawing one: visitors need to drop a business card in one of the specially marked contest boxes located under SI’s screens in the CEDIA education or meeting rooms. The drawing will take place at 12:00 pm on Friday, day two, at SI’s booth #5735. The winner must be present to win.

To enter drawing two: Visitors are invited to play a ping pong match at SI’s booth to qualify and drop a card. This drawing will take place at 12:00 p.m. at SI’s booth #5735 on day three, but this time, the winner need not be present to win.

“By removing the unnecessary masking material between the case and the viewing area on motorised projection screens, SI has created a ‘rollable television’ that is suspended in mid-air,” says Ryan Gustafson, CEO and founder of SI.

“With Zero-G, owners can place a television where it should go, not where it has to go. And with a maximum available viewing area of 160in and award-winning ambient-light-rejecting screen materials, Zero-G is unlike any motorised screen you have ever seen before. This is the future of television.

“Zero-G has created a lot of buzz in the industry, and many competitors are already taking pictures of it at our trade-shows, trying to figure it out. We are pleased to announce that Zero-G – the world’s first Rollable TV – will be available to order on day ONE of CEDIA, September 15.”

The material can be rolled from the bottom up, nesting within an upper wing. The entire assembly then moves into an external or flush case; the TV completely disappears when not in use.

The manufacturer has ensured that installation of Zero-G is as simple and smooth as possible by engineering features such as removable PCB and upper motor lift tubes, factory pre-programmed bomb-bay doors (flush unit only), automatic upper limits via optical sensors and pre-installed material rolls which can optionally be shipped separate for new construction.

Screen Innovations even ships each screen with a ‘colour matching system’ (they’re essentially just crayons) so installers and customers can colour the cables to match their wall of choice.

With Zero-G, users can drop the screen in front of a bay of windows or an art-deco wall – basically, where no flat-panel TV could go, with the idea being that the person’s orientation is now dictated by the room, not their TV.
Screenshot 2016-09-01 09.15.30


“We have heard from so many people that they had to completely alter the natural orientation of their room because there was only one place they could mount a television,” says Blake Vackar, VP of sales at SI. “Even motorized screens can sometimes be a visual nuisance with a large ‘black-drop’ connecting the viewing surface to the case. Since Zero-G is suspended by cables it can be placed anywhere in a room even in front of a bay of windows or art-deco wall.”

SI has included an array of features that makes Zero-G a simple product to install and setup. Removable PCB, upper lift tubes, and factory pre-programmed bomb-bay doors on its flush model, are just a few of these features. SI has also engineered an automatic upper limit setting by using an optical sensor, and will also optionally ship the material tube separate from the case for new construction installations.

One Facebook user asked Screen Innovations: “Can you please explain the difference between this screen versus a drop down screen? (Other than quality, of course).”

Screen Innovations replied: “Zero-G is suspended in mid air with no black drop between the viewing surface and the case. It actually rolls itself up from the bottom when not in use. Having no gigantic ‘bat wing’ at the top does a lot for the presentation in the room. You’ve got to see it!”

Anthem AV distributes Screen Innovations in the UK.

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