It is an annual CES tradition to reveal huge TVs that will never actually be released but will break the record by being the ‘world’s largest’. This year Samsung has taken that record with a 170in SUHD TV that is not quite as it seems.

On Samsung’s stand at CES 2016, the company proudly states that the 170in display is the world’s largest TV boasting a SUHD definition display. That’s not all that surprising given Samsung is the only company using that marketing term, but it’s also slightly misleading.

While supersized TVs are a mainstay of CES, traditionally the panels have all been one standalone unit. That’s not the case with Samsung 170in SUHD TV however, which is actually made up of several screens.

It may be a little misleading to claim that the screen is 170in then, but it’s actually far more impressive as the company has managed to create a modular display without any visible bezels or lines that are commonly associated with video walls of this calibre.

Samsung is keen to shout out about its huge 170in screen, but subtly the main take away from it is the company’s bezel-less technology. The company has already revealed the world’s first bezel-less curved TV, the K9500.

While the 170in screen is an impressive display of Samsung’s capabilities, its 4K resolution is quite low for a screen of its size, with a pixel density of 25ppi. That’s lower a lower pixel density than the original iPhone.

Don’t expect to see Samsung available to buy anytime soon; as with many of these CES concepts, they never transpire into actual products.

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