Apple was supposed to release refreshed Apple TV hardware at the company’s annual developer conference in June, but unfortunately that never happened.

BuzzFeed is now reporting that Apple delayed the hardware to focus on operating system updates at WWDC.

All hardware related announcements will supposedly now be made in September; typically the time of year Apple reveals new iPhone models.

Apple TV is set to join the refreshed hardware line-up in September, with BuzzFeed’s report suggesting that it will be a major overhaul of the company’s set-top box.

Not only will Apple focus on a new design, with rumours suggesting it will be thinner than the current generation, but software will be of particular focus.

Unlike iOS and Mac OS X, Apple TV does not yet have an App store, although that is reportedly set to change with the new software finally having a centralised place to download Apps and games.

Inside the new Apple TV will also be overhauled if the rumours are to be believed; Apple’s A8 chip is set to debut in its set-top box, which could pave the way for more power-hungry Apps and games running on the Apple TV.

A new remote has also been developed, which includes a touchpad for navigating around content.

While Apple has previously commented that its set-top box is more of a ‘hobby project’ this could be a significant turning point for the company.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch an internet TV service that could encourage people to ditch Sky and their traditional cable setup, although sources suggest that this will not launch alongside the new Apple TV; with Apple likely delaying the announcement until later this year or even early next year.

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