Several virtual reality headsets have launched in the UK and Europe over the last few months, with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both now available. Those not that into virtual reality and looking out for augmented reality solutions, will soon have their prayers answered – with Microsoft confirming that the HoloLens will be available in the UK, France, Germany and Ireland from ‘late November’.

For those unaware, Microsoft HoloLens is a device that enables the wearer of the headset to view digital objects in the real world. Microsoft describes the device as a holographic viewer – but it works slightly differently to pure holograms, like those seen in Star Wars.

Microsoft is targeting the device at those who want to play games like Minecraft or watch films without a home cinema, as well as those who would rather use the device for commercial applications. In that vein the company has two different variations available for pre-order now, a £2,719 standard HoloLens and an enterprise-ready Commercial Suite version costing £4,529.

Microsoft HoloLens uses Windows 10, although it’s a slightly modified version called ‘Windows Holographic’. Earlier this year, Microsoft opened up Windows Holographic to third-party developers – who are now able to create their own Apps and experiences using the headset.

Some of the use-cases already shown off by Microsoft includes the ability to give customer support using Skype and the HoloLens. In a demo video, Microsoft showcased how users will be able to wear the HoloLens and receive instructions from a live support agent in a 3D-space.

Elsewhere Microsoft sees the HoloLens as a useful product for creating 3D computer-aided design models. The company has also stated that the device would be useful for decorating the interior and exterior of homes too – with users able to see what it would look like before starting work. This could also be useful for installers, with clients being able to see the end-result, even before installation has started.

While Microsoft believes that the use-cases are never-ending, the high price has thus far limited adoption in the US. A European release could help the company shift a few more HoloLens devices, but with analysts expecting a second-generation model next year – it could just be Microsoft clearing stock.

Microsoft HoloLens is available for pre-order now, with shipping expected to begin in ‘late November’.

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