Those looking to purchase 4K movies have several options in the UK, whether it be on iTunes, the Google Play Store, or a 4K Blu-ray disc. Now there’s yet another option available to consumers, as Microsoft has begun adding 4K films to its own online store.

If this feels like déjà vu, that’s because the Microsoft Store technically carried 4K movies already. The only problem was that the content was unavailable outside of the US, with UK users only having the option to download 1080p movies. Now that is changing, and the Microsoft Store is carrying a 4K film that you can’t get on either iTunes or the Google Play Store – Black Panther.

iTunes began offering 4K movies last year, with Apple offering those with 1080p downloads a free upgrade to the higher resolution format. Oddly enough, the only studio unhappy with those plans was Disney, which refused to allow any 4K movies on the iTunes store. When Google followed through with its own 4K plans, Disney was still noticeably absent. That means the Microsoft Store is one of the few places users will be able to purchase 4K copies of Disney films.

The Microsoft Store’s 4K offering of Black Panther is considerably higher than similar 4K movies on both Google Play and iTunes. In fact, it comes with a £17.99 price tag, which is above the £13.99 users can expect to pay for a 4K movie on either of the other stores.

Once the film is downloaded, users will have to watch it on the Xbox One S or One X, both of which have found a place in home cinemas around the world.

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