Meridian has revealed the 818V3 Reference Audio Core, the latest version of its home audio system hub; the company also unveiled two new DSP loudspeakers.

Now in its third generation, the 818V3 Reference Audio Core adds multiple upgrades to its predecessor and even offers an upgrade path to existing 818 owners.

Some of the features that installers will be interested in include the inclusion of triple FIFO buffering, DSP unsampling and apodising filters. The third generation 818 also includes an advanced linear power supply a new master oscillator with 40% lower jitter – all designed to give the machine improved audio performance.

Meridian is keen to highlight a keen addition to the 818V3; its new analogue output card featuring an upgraded circuit with filtering that broadens the bandwidth and should maximise the potential of high-resolution music.

For the 818V3, Meridian has brought its Soloos multi-zone audio system management system, making multi-room audio possible and easy with this update.

Meridian has ensured that support for decoding of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) sources is included as standard; its new chip also brings lip-sync and DSD (DoP) playback.

Two speakers installers may want to use in conjunction with the 818V3 is the recently announced ‘.2’ series.

These two new DSP loudspeakers are available in a range of customisable options and are offered at two price points.

The £6,000 DSP5200.2 and £17,000 DSP7200.2 loudspeakers are designed to enhance Meridian’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

Both new models house a smart processing under their shells, but are also equipped with amplification; this means they can both be used as a complete audio system.

Rather than utilising an external amplifier, installers will only need to attach a music source – whether it’s a CD player or smartphone – and that’s it.

Adding a £499 Media Source 200 and the installer can enable wireless control of networked music libraries, as well as control from the dedicated iOS Apps and Sooloos zone-controlling desktop software.

As for the inside, the Meridian DSP5200.2 and DSP7200.2 both feature an advanced, high-efficiency composite dome tweeter, centre elevation adjustment technology deliver with Horizontal Centre version, advanced listener controls including bass, treble tilt, listening axis, volume, time-compensated balance and absolute phase.

Three built-in 75W amplifiers with DSP provide a maximum output levels of 116dB at 1m.

On-board DSP provides thermal and dynamic bass protection, while Meridian has also included its Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) technology as standard.

Using Meridian’s design and specification service, installers can pick and choose the features they need for their installation.

Whether the driver needs to be optimised for a certain environment, or if an enclosure system needs to be employed – Meridian offers a range of customisable options.

Both speakers will be available in black and white piano lacquer finishes, but for a 5% upcharge installers can utilise the Meridian Select bespoke colour service for the style of their choice.

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