Kog Audio has announced that it will be distributing the Melco high resolution digital music library in the UK.

The Melco is a specialised audio network storage device, or NAS for short, launched by Buffalo Technology.

The device has been designed to handle digital audio without any of the compromises of normal IT NAS devices, which are not fully screened due to the partially plastic case.

Melco differs from its competitors by sitting in a 2U rack tray and connected to the mains by a conventional IEC cable with full chassis grounding and screening.

It is also suitable for housing with a main Hi-Fi or AV system due to an all metal construction, as well as a choice of black or silver finish.

A dedicated Ethernet socket is provided, while an additional LAN socket is fed from a UPnP server to deliver audio to different rooms.

There is also a dedicated USB connection to a local Audiophile DAC for the main listening or cinema room.

The USB connection can also be used to back up the Melco, something Buffalo claims is a constant issue on competitor products. It can also be used to expand storage capacity from the initial 4TB provided.

The Melco has been designed for continuous operation with the company promising ‘extreme reliability and stability’.

Installers may be pleased by the relatively easy setup too, with the Melco doing away with the need to fuss over a web server or the problems of client interference – setup is done by changing two settings; language and time.

Importing music is also supposedly easy, with the Melco taking media from a USB drive with just one button press. Installers can also choose to bypass the USB connection and instead download music automatically from High Res audio vendors directly.

Installers can get the Melco from Kog Audio with prices set at £1,600 including VAT.

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